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Topic: Where do I get tails?
Message: Posted by: durgy (Oct 11, 2006 12:56PM)
So where do I get tails? I seriously have never seen them anywhere. Will they know what I'm talking about if I say I need "tails"? Any specific stores? I'm in Toronto Canada. thanks.

Message: Posted by: LeeDillingham (Oct 11, 2006 06:08PM)
Look in your yellow pages under tuxcedos. I purchased mine from the Men's Warehouse chain.
Message: Posted by: Dizzy (Oct 11, 2006 06:17PM)
Ebay. The best time to try is after the high school proms. I've even seen coloured tuxcedos as well as black ones. You could also try shops which hire them out for weddings and formal occasions (yellow pages), they may be willing to sell you old ones which could only need minor alternations and repairs

Message: Posted by: RJE (Oct 11, 2006 07:33PM)
Try International Clothier at the Eaton's Centre or Oshawa Civic Centre. They often have complet tuxedos (tails too) for $99.00 Canadian. If that doesn't pan out, try uniformalwearhouse.com in Florida. They ship quick and have great deals on formal wear of all types.

All the best,

Message: Posted by: Southwest Sam (Oct 11, 2006 08:09PM)
Our local Tuxedo rental store (Sam Myers) has an annual Tuxedo sale in Louisville, Kentucky. Ya might try checking with your local Tuxedo rental stores in your area.

~SAM :stuckinbag:
Message: Posted by: Bill Hoffman (Oct 12, 2006 08:45AM)
I agree, try to find used ones from rental shops that will sell them
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Oct 19, 2006 02:52PM)
Any tux shop has them. Did you try a google search?
Message: Posted by: yachanin (Oct 20, 2006 09:04AM)
Checkout this web site if you're interested in period tails:


Regards, Steve
Message: Posted by: cardcaptor (Oct 22, 2006 10:23AM)
Yachanin, that's a good tails. I bought mine in canada when I have my vication there, I forgot the name of the store. I wear that in my picture in my avatar..

Message: Posted by: RJE (Oct 22, 2006 05:20PM)
In Canada (and I believe in the USA), I don't think you can beat International Clothiers.

I was at the Oshawa Centre yesterday and they are selling, BRAND NEW, a complete tuxedo with tails and shirt for $99.00 Canadian or less than $90.00 US. That's a brand new tux jacket, pants and shirt. They also had them without tails.

IC is a chain. There are numerous outlets in the Toronto area and the clerk told me that they also have outlets in the USA.

All the best,

Message: Posted by: jlevey (Nov 20, 2006 08:24PM)
Classy Formal Wear in Phillip's Square, or Waxman's Formal Wear (on Avenue du Parc), are two top stores with large inventory. Perhaps it's worth the 6 hour car ride from Toronto to MOntreal (and back). Toronto must have similar formal wear sotres... I just don't know the Toronto shops.

Perhaps you could offer an exchange for service. In fact, that's how I received my first tail outfit. I was hired to attract visitors to the Classy Formal Wear booth at a Wedding show in exchange for an $800 custom-made suit --with dove pockets!... that was some 20 years ago). I just sold this suit at one of our local magic auctions for $60. That's another good source.

Here's another option...why not post a Wanted to Buy on our Café, and see what you come up with?

Best regards.

Message: Posted by: The Donster (Dec 18, 2006 03:17AM)
I got my tuxedo from a costume company and for a great price. it was a lot cheaper buying it then renting one.
Message: Posted by: Levity (Sep 11, 2008 09:43PM)
If you can afford it, a good tailor will make it just the way you need...you can even add in the secret pockets that a normal set of tails just won't have...

Message: Posted by: Levity (Sep 11, 2008 09:43PM)
If you can afford it, a good tailor will make it just the way you need...you can even add in the secret pockets that a normal set of tails just won't have...

Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Sep 26, 2008 04:09PM)
If you're going for white tie and tails, do two things:

First, buy the best one you can afford. A cheap old one may not look cheap and old to you, but people in the audience will notice it. It's part of your persona: either elegant or second-hand.

Second, make sure it fits you like a glove: shirt sleeves out half an inch, the vest totally hidden under the front of the coat, the waist nice and snug, the tie nice and crisp, and so forth. Again, it's part of your persona: either elegant or second-hand.
Message: Posted by: Natanel (Sep 27, 2008 03:36PM)
Yeah, good advice on avoiding a cheap tux. Much better to save up and buy one nice one that will last you. Avoid Men's Wearhouse like the plague It's overpriced made in Mexico nonsense. The best tuxedo short of bespoke would probably be Ralph Lauren Purple Label(made by Saint Andrews.) I'd recommend going to an outlet for a nice department store if you are on a real budget. Off Saks or Neiman Marcus Last Call or the Barney's factory outlet.

Still for around 1k, you could get a really nice custom suit.