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Topic: Custom cases
Message: Posted by: joegow (Oct 12, 2006 02:13AM)
Does anyone know a site to get large custom cases cases made in a form of a trunk?

Message: Posted by: Michael Messing (Oct 12, 2006 07:28AM)
If you mean an ATA case, there are many different sites but one of the better known manufacturers is Encore Cases: http://www.encorecases.com/

For a complete list, do a Google search on custom ATA cases.

Message: Posted by: afun14u (Oct 12, 2006 06:48PM)
ebay.com - musical insterments/equipment

best way is to do a google search....good luck.
oh, check out the illusion builders, most are now getting into this line also....
Message: Posted by: joegow (Oct 13, 2006 05:13PM)
Thanks so much. This will help a lot.
Message: Posted by: magicmarkdaniel (Oct 14, 2006 04:17AM)
Jack Murray of Dream Illusions ( http://www.dream-illusions.com ) manufactures custom cases. He's also a member on the Café.

Message: Posted by: Christopher Starr (Oct 15, 2006 08:52PM)
I can highly recommend Jack's work. He's made several cases for me, and will have another couple to go! ;)