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Topic: Foreign buyers
Message: Posted by: Fabio P (Oct 14, 2006 05:18AM)
Hi All,
it is always difficult for people like me living outside US to have a clear follow-up of their orders. Sometimes the stuff doesn't arrive as planned and sometimes there are shipping problems ( not considering the high prices for shipping and handling). I am not linked with any dealer in US but would like to spend few appreciative words for David Ginn and Aaron Smith ( The Magic Depot); they have been really supportive and helpful during my stuff choice, they gave me real feedback on my order status and, above all, the material received, was really nice: thanks!
On the other hand I am trying to contact SPSmagic to receive feedback on my order ( payed more than 1 month ago) and am not able to get in touch with them ( no replies to the emails and alwais a voice mail at the tel number). I am sure that all things will go in the right direction also with this dealer but my message ( no criticism behind) wanted only to clarify how difficult it is (sometimes) to buy and to receive magic stuff outside my country