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Topic: Coin or cap in glass bottle???
Message: Posted by: shadowpain1691 (Oct 15, 2006 07:46PM)
I've been looking to put a coin or the cap of say a beer bottle into a glass bottle and be able to give the bottle away without much cost to me but have not been able to find a trick, can someone plz help me on the name and or place I can get this??
Message: Posted by: patrick flanagan (Oct 15, 2006 11:40PM)
I've performed Mike Powers VIP. It's not something I do all the time, but I've had good reactions from spectators. I must say that the demo for Cap Trap has me intrigued. I might have to check that one out.
Message: Posted by: Paul Wingham (Oct 16, 2006 02:43PM)
I use daniel garcia's whassup. very simple and deceptive
Message: Posted by: Paul Wingham (Oct 16, 2006 03:21PM)
Sorry, just re-read the routine and remembered that this does not allow you to give the bottle out with the cap in it I confused it with an old routine modified to use a pk ring using a regular bottle and cap but I cannot for the life of me remember who's it is. Confused versions, sorry

Useless as this info is since I cannot remember the name of the creator, it does allow you to hand the bottle out to keep. But you wouldnt be able to do it at the drop of the hat with a borrowed bottle. A minor set up is required.
Message: Posted by: Redsixer (Oct 16, 2006 03:46PM)
Cap trap or Prohibition as it is now called looks to be a good one. It should be released any day now. I hope!

Paul - Where can I find whassup? I am always interested in DG's stuff.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Oct 16, 2006 03:47PM)
There's an impromptu coin to bottle that uses a Strike Vanish.
The coin has to fit in the bottle neck.
Not sure of the source but if I recall the coin may also be marked for ID.
Message: Posted by: Charlie Justice (Oct 16, 2006 04:47PM)
On 2006-10-16 16:46, Redsixer wrote:
Cap trap or Prohibition as it is now called looks to be a good one. It should be released any day now. I hope!

Paul - Where can I find whassup? I am always interested in DG's stuff.
Whassup is located in Daniel Garcia's lecture notes titled NEXT. I think I bought the download from lybrary.com (I think that's the address)

"Prohibition", featuring the Cap Trap effect, is now in post production and is expected to be released very soon.
Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Oct 16, 2006 05:31PM)
Whassup is a very nice effect . although you don't end up with a souvenir you can give away.
one effect that I particularly like is passing thru by kevin parker.
great reactions and makes a great souvenir.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Oct 16, 2006 05:49PM)
Check Michael Weber's book LIFESAVERS for a fairly impromptu (a little set up is needed) way to put a beer cap inside the bottle... and you can give it away as it is inspectable and there is no cost to you.
Message: Posted by: TrickeryMagic (Oct 17, 2006 06:30PM)
B.U.I. would also fit the bill - the second phase!
Message: Posted by: jclark (Oct 24, 2006 09:43AM)
You can keep abread of Prohibition and CapTrap! at http://www.blacksmagicgroup.com; join the mailing list if you want to get email updates on products, et cetra.

Message: Posted by: Dai Hard (Nov 2, 2006 02:58PM)
Daryl has a Cap In Bottle effect that uses an ungimmicked bottle, ungimmicked cap, can be examined and kept by the spectator. The only down side is that it's not impromptu. Still very nice.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Nov 2, 2006 06:25PM)
It's basically the same as Mike Weber's... and the first I heard of or saw it was in Paris, via Gaetan Bloom.
Message: Posted by: jclark (Nov 5, 2006 10:24PM)

Has anyone purchased a "Black's Ring" that came in a crystaline box, a photocopy of our directions, and the ring is very thin? If so, contact me right away; someone is selling Vortex rings as ours!