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Topic: Anybody ever worked Phoenix?
Message: Posted by: booker (Oct 19, 2006 11:32AM)
I sent a e-mail to the city of Phoenix inquiring about the legality of street performing there and received a reply stating that within the city proper it is legal. Has anyone ever worked the town and if so, any advice. Minneapolis is cold and dreary and weighing heavily on my spirit. I must escape.

Message: Posted by: Dave V (Oct 19, 2006 01:09PM)
I haven't been there in years, but the people at http://www.performers.net have reported there are some "mall" areas that work well.
Message: Posted by: mrmystic (Oct 20, 2006 05:10AM)
I too tried the snowbird thing one winter to Phoenix, but it has been over 10 years ago. I would check with the mall areas themselves like the Arizona Center and see what their policies are. I still have friends and family there and am told that the restaurant market is pretty open for walk around and balloons.
Message: Posted by: Tom Frank (Oct 21, 2006 11:30AM)
My good friend [url=http://www.idealmagic.com/]Shawn Greer[/url] lives and works in Phoenix. Why not contact him and ask him what's up. Tell him I said hi!
Message: Posted by: scaress (Oct 24, 2006 10:35PM)
Try Tempe, not too far away, but better atmosphere.