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Topic: Book on Female Magicians
Message: Posted by: Beth (Oct 26, 2006 07:07PM)
I just wanted to tell all the ladies about a new book being written. I recently received an email from Lupe Nielsen about a new book being done on female magicians by Juan Tamariz' wife Ms. Gema Navarro. I believe the book is being done in Spanish, although I hope there will be an English translation. :) There is also, of course, the book that Julie Sobanski is doing that is compiling the history of women in magic.

I think it's great that many of the female magicians that may have never received the accolades they deserve will be recognized in the history of magic. I also think we owe these authors a great debt as these ladies are preserving our history for us. I am so glad they are taking the time and energy to do this. My heartfelt thanks to them.
Peace Beth
Message: Posted by: Cinnamon (Oct 27, 2006 08:11PM)
Oh that's great! I'm looking forward to have a copy of that. I do hope there would be an English translation. that would be really handy.

I hope there would also be a book featuring effects made specially for female magi.

long live womanhood!
Message: Posted by: Beth (Oct 28, 2006 12:35PM)
Hi Cyssa,
From Cool Daddy's post I saw that Belinda Sinclair is also working on a project on the history of female magicians. It said on her site ...."She is currently working on Magiciennes: The History of Women in Magic from Antiquity to the 21st Century. This multifaceted project will include a six book series, an in-depth documentary, film and television productions as well as a large-scale theatrical presentation featuring the world’s top female magicians. "

Sounds pretty cool! Wow a six book series! That's a lot. I would love to see a documentary about women in magic. Can't wait for that. :)


Peace Beth