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Topic: Heat Acts?
Message: Posted by: TAIT (Oct 28, 2006 03:05PM)
Hi do any of you guys no whare I can find out about heat acts like the blowtorch on tongue and licking red hot metal? I have done sume work with the blowtorch spraying it all over my arm but not as good as the original act.
Message: Posted by: jeremysweiss (Oct 28, 2006 05:09PM)
Yes, there is work on that in Joe Nickell's book Secrets of the sideshow, pages 209-219, with specific discussion on the blowtorch on page 214--albeit it is very brief. There is a photo of a man with a blowtorch pointed in his mouth on page 215. He references William Lindsay Gresham's book Monster Midway. Published in 1953 by Rinehart and Company. (I haven't read the reference.)

Of course, Mircle Mongers (Houdini) also contains some discussion and the full text is available online for free.

Finally, I have a repreint of an old text called, FIre Magic by Clettis V. Munnson (alhtough I wouldn't trust it for the "real work". In fact, I wouldn't trust any of the above mentioned references for the "real work" at all).

Finally, there may be some stuff in Thrilling Magic (Abbott) on licking a red hot iron also.

Let us all know how it works out for you--if it doesn't we'll find out on the news...
Message: Posted by: mota (Oct 28, 2006 09:44PM)
If you don't learn about this stuff in person, if you learn about it from a book...we will see you on the news.

Fire effects need to be learned in person. Learning from a book is a very bad choice in judgement.
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Oct 29, 2006 12:44AM)
The Nickell book is sort-of ok. Some of the information about how to do acts is not reliable, no matter how many sources he cites.

Musson has some good information, and a lot of bad.

Houdini ghost-wrote his books, as an attempt to look intelligent. The guy wanted to be more than he was. He wrote notes on scraps of paper, based on heresay, and got others to organize them into books. Much of his information is suspect.

Stock up on aloe vera plants before you do this. You'll need the juice.