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Topic: Your Favorite Scotch and Soda Effect
Message: Posted by: Robert Apodaca (Oct 29, 2006 07:40PM)
Hey, I've been doing the Scotch and soda effect for a long time but I've been mainly sticking with the quarter manifesting in the marks hands. I know there are a lot of variations you can do with the effect. What are some of your favorites?

P.S. sorry if this is a repeat topic, I searched but couldn't find anything.
Message: Posted by: Mike Wild (Oct 30, 2006 12:33PM)
Hey Drizz,

It is a repeat topic, but since S&S is the "most popular coin trick in the history of close up coin magic" (as reported by almost all magic supply websites), it's a topic about which most magicians don't mind throwing in their two-cents :)

Try this simple little routine. I still perform it every now and then, but using an Ult. Copper & Silver set in place of an S&S set. The S&S set will work exactly the same however, so no problem there.

[url=http://www.sundragonmagic.com/freetrick.htm]C/S Routine #1[/url]


Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Oct 30, 2006 12:46PM)
Hi Drizz,
The routine " Copper fire" Where you wape The Two coins In some flash paper And put them a ashtray And the copper coin melts trou to under the ashtray
is a good one that is easy! Also there is 3 soft bound books out on it! I have an
International tranlocation in book no.3. but that's a bit more work! :)!
Message: Posted by: Robert Apodaca (Oct 30, 2006 04:56PM)
Thanks Mike, I've tried out your routine and I love it!

David, what do you mean by flash paper? And I'm guessing you just plant the double under the ashtray before, right?
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Oct 31, 2006 07:11AM)
Drizz, read my posting [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/search_post.php?topic=169252&forum=202&post=4635083]here[/url].
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Oct 31, 2006 12:35PM)
Hi Driaz,
yea that's right. As for Flash paper.As for it in any magic shop! It a paper that Burns Quickly or " Flashes" up When touch with some thing hot!
Message: Posted by: tpax (Oct 31, 2006 08:22PM)
Thanks for sharing that Larry. Now to find a thin metal ashtray...
Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Oct 31, 2006 10:37PM)
You can do a spellbound routine by rotating the insert in spell bound position with the [ in CP. Finish the routine by putting the two together, show one silver coin.
Message: Posted by: Mike Wild (Nov 1, 2006 09:59AM)
RE: "Drizz, read my posting here."

I remember when you clued me into that effect Larry, and it is a great one, thanks again. Point of interest: I found that those thick gauge aluminum foil type ashtrays (they come in multi-colored packs and are sold as throw-away / disposable ashtrays for banquets and functions) work wonderfully. They seem to absorb the heat a little faster, and release the copper coin in perfect sync with the flash paper detonation.


Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Nov 2, 2006 12:06PM)
Hi Mike, good to hear from you. See my PM.

Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Nov 2, 2006 01:06PM)
Tpax. Thin metal ashtrays can be found at most dollar stores. Steve
Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Nov 2, 2006 01:10PM)
Has anyone ever put out a good book exclusively on Scotch and Soda Routines?

Message: Posted by: Dai Hard (Nov 2, 2006 02:42PM)
You'll need to destroy a Scotch & Soda set to do this, but - Nest the shell and insert. Drill a small hole through the nested coins about 1/8 inch from the edge. Seperate the coins. Now drill a hole through the ungimmicked copper coin at the same spot it appears on the insert, so they look identical. You're now prepared to thread the unnested coins onto a shoelace (or twine or necklace, or metal rod, or etc, etc)and magically remove the copper coin, leaving the silver on the shoelace. Presentation and handling subtleties are up to you.
Message: Posted by: Professor Piper (Nov 2, 2006 11:12PM)
Personally I have two favorites:

Where the Centavo 'melts' through multiple spectators hands...(Gets a great response)

And when the Centavo travels to an impossible location (a spectators pocket, for instance)...

On a side note,

I was performing S&S for some customers today, I did the 'standard' routine, where the Centavo transforms into a quarter, and the response I got was just priceless...

She said, "It's the heat of my hand, right...I mean that's the only explanation!"

I LOVE it when the specs think they know what's going on!!!


Prof. Piper
Message: Posted by: Robert Apodaca (Nov 3, 2006 01:37AM)
I also like Centavo to impossible location. A favorite of mine is that at a restruant for breakfest slip the double into a jam paket without making it looked open. Then the rest is history.
Message: Posted by: tbaer (Nov 3, 2006 05:39PM)
I place the coins in a dollar bill folded in half. Then I fold the dollar bill in quarters and do the move. As I open up the dollar bill and the spectator doesn't see the centavo, I get the spectator to look at me as I pull the centavo out of my mouth. I've done this for years.
Message: Posted by: mesmer72 (Nov 5, 2006 02:07PM)
Instead of using a quarter I use a canadian loonie (a one doller coin)being from canada.
it has a brass color to it ,so it contrasts well with s&c coins and very close in size to the centavo
if you are in the US you could use some patter involving going north or south of the boarder .i,ll let you use your imagination on that