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Topic: Reccomending other magicians
Message: Posted by: Emazdad (Dec 30, 2002 12:26PM)
We all take enquirys from bookers for dates that we're fully booked on, If you find that they can't change the day to fit your diary so you can't do the party for them do you reccomend anyone else? Personally when in that situation I reccomend Billy Wizz and Chris The magician here in Plymouth and they do the same. They are my mates and I know they do very good shows,(I would never reccomend anyone who wasn't good) the punters are always impressed that we are being so helpful. They often come back to us next year. Do any of you do the same or are you a "Sorry I don't know/reccomend others type". What are your views on this? I know there are some people who refuse to pass on names.
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Dec 30, 2002 12:30PM)
I don't have a problem with this.
Message: Posted by: Billy Whizz (Dec 30, 2002 12:48PM)
I think it's a great idea, I might try and find an Emazdad and Chris the magician in my area too!
Cheers :cheers: Billy
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Dec 30, 2002 01:35PM)
I Reccomend Jugglestruck who are friends of mine. they do magic, puppets, juggling ext.
we always pass on jobs to each other.
what i dislike is when people ask me what other ents are like and I know their Cr*p I tend to say that I have not seen them work and perhaps they should ask the performer for some ex clients of thiers that they can speak to about the show, but when it is a good client of mine I feel really uncomfortable.
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Dec 30, 2002 03:00PM)
In my opinion, it would be downright uncivilized not to pass along the name of someone you know is competent if you can't do the show.
It would be unfair to the booker (leaving him or her in the lurch); unfair to the other performer (doing him or her out of a job, just due to greed!); and unfair to yourself not to do it (because it is one more brick in the road to making you a lesser person).
Good on you, Emazdad; you are fortunate to have a couple of other performers of that calibre and you are all fortunate to be able to rely on each other.
Message: Posted by: Vilago (Dec 30, 2002 05:38PM)
I wouldn't have any problem with this. However, here's a true story...

When I was a teenager, another magician was asked for my telephone number by a potential client. Rather than just give it, he ended up booking the show as my "agent", and called me saying that he wanted me to do a show for him as he was overbooked. After the show the client and I spoke and I was told about my newfound "agent", plus I found out he kept 15% of the booking fee for himself.

Moral - Recommend if you will, but don't try to steal part of the fee! You don't get a "finder's fee" for recommending!
Message: Posted by: charliemagic (Dec 30, 2002 06:08PM)
My two cents:
I live in long Island NY.
There are many magicians here & the competition is tough..A group of us do recommend each other & if hired we send each other a 'thank you' in the form of $.
This is the relationship a few of us have.
Message: Posted by: Andy Wonder (Dec 30, 2002 06:20PM)
I act as a booking agent for another magician that has a similar show to mine. It works quite well for us. He has a regular Monday to Friday job and is too busy during the week to deal with telephone inquiries. He does not have to worry about any marketing because he rides on the back of mine and takes all the jobs I can't do when I am fully booked.

He loves to perform at kids parties but does not want to have it interfere with his day job. It is a good situation for both of us.
Message: Posted by: Vilago (Dec 30, 2002 06:20PM)

Sending a $ thank you is one thing...expecting (or stealing) a finder's fee is something else, right? But I understand what you're saying...
Message: Posted by: Emazdad (Dec 30, 2002 06:40PM)
I see we all sing from the same hymn sheet, I can't understand these people who flatly refuse to pass on other names to bookers.

Anyway I'm away for a few days now so I'll take this opertunity to wish you all a very happy, prosperous and magical new year
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Dec 31, 2002 11:58AM)
Sorry, different hymn sheet. Under no circumstances would we recommend anyone these days other than for Punch and Judy which we don't do. Have learned the hard way years ago - had a parent phone me back after the party and say: "if I were you I'd forget recommending this guy, you are doing yourself a dis-service" - never felt so annoyed, let-down and embarrassed. We simply say: "better ask your friends or parents at school. They get to see other entertainers, we don't". So maybe we thrive on being "different" - being "downright uncivilised!" or "laying bricks to being a lesser person" (!) - just entering our 25th year so getting by on it! (and what use is a forum without opposing views?) Happy NY. :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: charliemagic (Dec 31, 2002 06:09PM)
You & I are on the same 'track'!
I agree 100%.
Message: Posted by: mslj (Dec 31, 2002 06:15PM)
The only work I want to be responsible for is my own. There are people I could suggest but although I am clear that I in no way accept any responsibility for the bad performances of others, bookers and clients often have less clear understanding. If I suggest another person and they mess up I do not want to be accountable for recommending that person.

Consequently I avoid passing on specific names and numbers.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Dec 31, 2002 06:15PM)
I actually have no problem with a percentage as a finder's fee. But I wouldn't go over 10 percent. I'm used to working with agents, and 90 percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing.
Message: Posted by: Vilago (Dec 31, 2002 08:27PM)

Sure, as long as you KNOW ahead of thime that there's a finder's fee involved...

Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Jan 1, 2003 06:33AM)
Well said MSLJ. Us northern English folk know how to call a spade a shovel don't we?
Message: Posted by: Billy Whizz (Jan 1, 2003 06:51AM)
Recomending someone else is OK,as long as you've seen their show and know what you're recomending. I've seen Emazdad's show which is why I wouldn't hesitate passing his number on. I would never pass anyone I had never seen. Like you say, it will come back on you.
All the best, (hungover) Billy Whizz hic! hic! hic! :sick:
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jan 1, 2003 07:01AM)
I get alot of calls. That is why I need others as backups. But instead of recommeding someone else I set up someone else. I find out what magician is available. I let him know what I have to offer. If he gives me an approval, I tell my customer to send me a deposit. The deposit is my finder's fee. I send the magician out to collect the balance for himself. I do the same with moonbouncers, clowns, djs, etc.
Message: Posted by: JSMagic (Jan 1, 2003 09:12AM)
I agree with Billy, because if you recomend someone you havnt seen and the parent doesnt like the party, theres probably a chance they would get mad at you...
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Jan 1, 2003 09:46AM)
But we all get "lots of calls" Dynamike. You are not wanting to let any of them go are you? In years gone by musicians would have called you a "fixer". Often referred to these days as an "Agent". We've been there, seen that and done that! In 1988 ran a Government Registered Entertainment Agency for a short while. Great success in booking acts out on Summer Contracts but any one nighters, whether they were bands, pianists, magicians or whatever, we knew full well they were handing their own cards out! Is it really worth the hassle of worrying about the actions/conduct/reliability of others (that's if you DO worry), for just a few dollars or pounds deposit or commission? There are guys in every City who think they are going to start organising others - ok if you want to be organised I guess! :birthday:
Message: Posted by: Emazdad (Jan 2, 2003 03:24PM)
I totally agree, I would never ever reccomend anyone unless I have seen their show and know they are very good, with Billy and Chris I know they are excellent. If a booker asks me about anyone else in particular, I just say I havn't seen their show so i cannot comment on there performance.
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Jan 2, 2003 03:43PM)
I think it was meant as a "give" that the person you were recommending is someone whom you have seen and like their show.
It goes without saying (then why am I saying it?) that you wouldn't recommend someone you didn't know, or whose show you didn't know.