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Topic: TT Routine
Message: Posted by: stuper1 (Nov 2, 2006 10:55AM)
I had a video file downloaded from the internet that showed a great TT routine where a green silk and a dollar bill kept switching places and finally disappeared. Does this ring a bell with anyone, and if so can you tell me the address where to find it? My computer crashed, and I lost all my files.

Message: Posted by: stuper1 (Nov 3, 2006 08:53AM)
I know this is a real shot in the dark trying to find this video again. This wasn't a video on YouTube or Magic Video Depot. It was I think an amateur (a very good one) who had posted about 10 performance videos on his website. Most of it was coin work. The TT routine I think started with the hands empty. Then a green silk appeared. Then he pattered something about the green threads being transformable, at which time the silk turned into a dollar bill. Then the dollar bill turned back into a silk, and then the silk disappeared. Or something like that.

Somebody here on the Café posted a link to this routine probably a year or two ago in response to a question about good TT routines. I'm just hoping that somebody by chance might remember where this is.