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Topic: What glue to use for fabric to expanded PVC?
Message: Posted by: billfromoregon (Nov 8, 2006 10:35AM)
I am building a prop and was wondering what type of glue to use to glue fabric onto expanded PVC panels? Thanks -

Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Nov 8, 2006 03:26PM)
Not sure what expanded PVC panels are, but if you're talking EPS -- expanded polystyrene, the stuff used for so-called "styrofoam cups" -- you may want to try a product called Spray 77, made by 3M. It's sort of like rubber cement, but it does not melt EPS, and it holds really well. I would spray it on the EPS, let it get tacky, and then lay the fabric on very carefully. On something like this, the biggest problem is usually the adhesive bleeding thru the fabric. I would also try it out on a scrap first. The product is usually available in hardware stores and home-improvement centers.

I haven't used the product on real Styrofoam (the blue stuff), but I wouldn't be surprised if it worked on that also. You may also want to check out my column on working with sheet foam, here in the Café, in the Buffet section.
Message: Posted by: billfromoregon (Nov 8, 2006 05:15PM)
Expanded PVC is a solid plastic material, which looks like ABS. My primary concern is that the fabric stay on, as I don't want it to delaminate. Bleed through is a concern, but I could probably mitigate that by first spraying a clear sealer onto the fabric. I did use either Spray 77 or a similar product to adhere felt onto a substrate, which seemed to work reasonably well. Anybody else have experience with this?
Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Nov 9, 2006 12:22PM)
Okay, so now I know what expanded PVC is! Thanks. :)

I've never needed to do this, but supposedly if you use Spray 77 (or Super 77) on both surfaces, it behaves like contact cement and creates a permanent bond. Depending on what type of fabric you're using, some kind of clear sealer might work to prevent bleed-through, or maybe just a very light coat of the adhesive.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Nov 11, 2006 10:24AM)
If the fabric is fairly heavy, and the #M Super 77 is sprayed on evenly and fairly light, it should not bleed through. Mkae sure to shake the can well before sprayoing and let it get a little tacky before applying the fabric.

Message: Posted by: raywitko (Nov 15, 2006 08:05AM)
You might want to try Fabri-Tac made by Beacon Adhesives. You can pick this up at JoAnnes Fabrics. It comes in different size tupes, is a clear fast drying glue. You will have to do a little at a time as it does dry fairly quick. I usually put some on what i"m gluing and spread it with my finger. You can wear gloves if your afraid of a messy hand. I use this glue for a lot of things.