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Topic: Body Tricks - The Dvd is finally here!!!
Message: Posted by: ku7uk3 (Nov 10, 2006 08:22PM)
Body Tricks - The Dvd

Its finally ready. Months of preperation, and a year of reasearch has finally led to this. The most complete collection of impromptu magic using nothing but your body on one dvd.

Two hours and twelve minutes in length, 69 effects demonstarted and explained.

Here is the website:

Spread the word!

Message: Posted by: mrunge (Nov 10, 2006 08:56PM)
Talk about totally impromptu! You'll never be caught NOT being able to entertain again. This looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Best wishes. Mark.
Message: Posted by: Trestkon (Nov 11, 2006 02:44AM)
Looks neat! Any chance of a demo video?
Message: Posted by: R.S. (Nov 11, 2006 08:09AM)
I just thought it would be funny if a review of the DVD said, "Two thumbs way up!"


Message: Posted by: ku7uk3 (Nov 11, 2006 11:28AM)
I'll try and put a trailer together on Monday and upload it to google video asap.

I've sent a copy out to one big-magic person for a review on here, but it will be at least another week before the dvd reaches him and he's had a chance to review it.

I know of a couple of other magicians in the area who are members here, I'll be seeing them on Tuesday so will let them borrow a copy and review it also. But that's ultimatly up to them.

Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Nov 14, 2006 08:59AM)
Sound great Steve! good luck with the release!

Message: Posted by: ku7uk3 (Nov 15, 2006 06:32AM)

I uploaded a 1 minute trailer. Quality of the dvd is better, Final Cut was never made for internet streaming of videos, so the compression software was week. But still very watchable.