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Topic: Zibit from higley
Message: Posted by: bosque (Nov 10, 2006 09:19PM)
Halloween morning was lke Christmas for me this year. I received my long-awaited Zibit from Doug Higley, the undisputed Master of the Midway. It was the head and claw of a Chupacabra, and although I had previewed photos of it on his website, seeing the thing "in the flesh" was truly mind-blowing. I displayed it that very day- after all, it was Halloween, and the reactions were priceless. One guy kept repeating, "It's not real, right?" as if to reassure himself. All he got from me was: "All I know is it's real creepy." I plan on setting up a tent at a flea market, and displaying per Doug's suggestions. I probably do a few magic tricks as well, but I'm counting on the incredible Chupacabra to do most of the work for me. It should be fun. This item is amazing. It grows on me day by day, and I never grow tired of checking it out. I'm truly at a loss for words as to how to describe it. Masterpiece keeps coming to mind, but I feel as if it's even more than that, as if it's somehow enchanted or cursed. It's like nothing I've ever seen before- fierce and delicate at the same time. Like Karloff's Frankenstein monster in the original James Whale film. I'm going to have to stop raving, but I can honestly say that if anyone is considering taking the plunge and purchasing one of Doug's Zibits, just do it. Of all the magic props I own, including my Losander floating table( of which I am particularly fond) this is the one I treasure most at this time. It is a work of art and somehow something more.
--- Steve Bosque
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Nov 13, 2006 02:43PM)
That's great to hear Steve. It's always a pleasure to do a piece for you since you're so easy to please! hahaha. Seriously though thank you for the kind and very generous words. I do my humble best and once in a while it clicks with somebody like your self. That makes it all the more worthwhile for me. Likening it to Karloff's Frankenstein has to be a personal favorite in all my reviews.

Most Grateful for the report.

Message: Posted by: Gede Nibo (Nov 13, 2006 02:47PM)

as a fellow member of the Grand Lodge of the Illumined Magus--I hearby request you to make me a mini monkey paw--one of a kind and NOT avail. to anyone else, frater or otherwise...



Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Nov 15, 2006 09:24PM)
How mini?
Message: Posted by: Gede Nibo (Nov 15, 2006 09:43PM)
Like say , ah, could fit in a mojo bag :) like the monkeys that , ah, dammit--ah, the er, well, about the size of an avg. cell phone(?) closed.....help me out here people!

like those darned monkeys that I think are called spider monkey--

about 1.5-2 sizes down from the BEAUTIFUL one I have now....

I will be ready to buy after the helli, I mean holidays.......(kidding, they are a fun time)...

boy, this homemade wine is good :)