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Topic: Which one is more important to you?
Message: Posted by: Alex Linian (Nov 18, 2006 02:51PM)
Hello Mr. Kozek, I just have a question and if you don't mind It'd be interesting to read the reasoning for you answer.

As a magician, which one do you find to be more important when performing: Astonishment or Entertainment?

This question seems to divide a lot of the magic world and I'd like to see where you stand. Thanks in advanced,

Alex Linian
Message: Posted by: Kozak (Nov 18, 2006 03:21PM)
Hi Alex, thanks for the question.I think the best answer is : It is not important what other opinions are on the subject. What is important is to be true to youreslf on your artistic vision of your onstage character. It is more a matter of emphasis and style. You must ask yourself what do I want to be and do on stage.