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Topic: Hellboy - Perfect for bizzare Storytelling!
Message: Posted by: Mogwai II (Nov 18, 2006 04:25PM)
About three months ago, a friend of mine gave me the first Graphic Novel of "Hellboy".
I was hooked immediatly. Since then I read everything there was about the red devil.

The storys are great, rich of bizzare details and often contain old fairy tales or myths of old.
The Writer, Mike Mignola is a genius in creating a bizzare atmosphere.

It gave me quite an inspiration for my magic. Are there more Hellboy (not the movie!) fans out there? what are your thoughts about it?
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Nov 18, 2006 05:14PM)

You should see the movie as well http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0167190/
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Nov 18, 2006 05:28PM)
The film is very Lovecraftian indeed... love the doggies and beasties!

Hellboy and the entire BPRD are excellent - in fact I own a zippo BPRD lighter (I don't smoke but for fire effects where I need to start a fire - out comes Hellboy's zippo)

Read everything MM puts out!
Message: Posted by: The Curator (Nov 19, 2006 04:40AM)
I drink my morning coffee in a BPRD mug ;)
If you like Mike Magnolia's Hellboy, you will love Alan Moore's Gentlemen extraordinaire (the comics, not the movie) and most of Neil Gaiman's writings.
Message: Posted by: Tom Lauten (Nov 19, 2006 06:46AM)
You folks might like these then!!

I own the sword Hellboy uses in the film...


My BPRD style, leather card case I made...

Message: Posted by: The Curator (Nov 19, 2006 06:58AM)
Hmmmmm ! Very nice.
I'm thinking about a Surnateum leather case...
Message: Posted by: Tom Lauten (Nov 19, 2006 07:03AM)
All things are possible....;)
Message: Posted by: SeaDawg (Nov 19, 2006 07:56AM)
NIce leather work Tom...

Do you manufacture leather goods? Perhaps a SeaDawg Card case or two?

PM me to discuss pls
Message: Posted by: Mogwai II (Nov 19, 2006 08:12AM)
I absolutely love the Alan Moore's Gentlemen Comics as well! The artwork is just stunning and really gives me the shivery sometimes. When Mr.Hyde attackt the tripod alien, oh boy...
I didn't got into The sandman yet. Since English isn't my first language its quite hard for me to understand these storys.

Tom: Love the leather case! I almost bought the Hellboy Gun, but it was sold out before I could buy it.

I just looked through Book 3 again and found my favorite two Storys: The Corpse and The wolfes of St.August (great werewolf tale)
Message: Posted by: Montethrower (Nov 19, 2006 02:40PM)
A big fan too. Mignola should be at this years Philadelphia Comic Convention, I anyone would like to know.
Message: Posted by: Mogwai II (Nov 19, 2006 07:22PM)
And since we talk about great influences from fictional work. I'm currently watching the old X-Files Seasons. They're also great and full of wonderfull stuff for storytelling magic!
Message: Posted by: David Parr (Nov 19, 2006 09:51PM)
Hi Mogwai. I've been an eager consumer of Mignola's comics for a long time. Mignola said that when he did his first Hellboy comic, he thought he'd never have another chance to do a book that was completely his own, so he put everything he loved into it -- pulp adventure novels, monsters, detective stories, and a dash of mad science. It goes to show what can happen when we really put ourselves into our work.
Message: Posted by: Mogwai II (Nov 20, 2006 07:42AM)
David, I think you said it wonderfully! If you really put everything you are into your art, it becomes you. And that's what people wanna see: You.
I can read the stories over and over again, they never seem to get boring.
Message: Posted by: Buster Balloon (Nov 20, 2006 01:44PM)
The HellBlazer comic books, which spawned the film Constantine. Endless material there as well.
Message: Posted by: David Parr (Nov 20, 2006 02:16PM)
Hi Buster. I followed the Hellblazer books from the time they spun off of Moore's work on Swamp Thing until just after Garth Ennis's run ended. I thought the writing and art took a downturn after that. Several people said that if one happened to be a fan of the Hellblazer books, the movie would be a disappointment if not an outright annoyance, so I avoided seeing Constantine. As someone who has read the comics, what was your take on the movie?
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Nov 20, 2006 02:49PM)
It was ARGHHHHH.......

We all know that Moore based Constantine on Sting... having Keanu play it was already a death knell....

Plus they made the character too goody goody... Constantine is always on the edge.


Swamp Thing rules! (The Moore years - ah, the Anton Arcane story and the great summoning of the Dark etc.... plus the Totelbein (sp?!/) art -> an aside: MiracleMan is one of the greatest series he wrote... and then there is his early work on Captain Briton - the Fury / Jaspers saga - that has never left me... classic classic classic wayyyyy before he ever got to Watchmen)....
Message: Posted by: Montethrower (Nov 26, 2006 01:27PM)
I didn't know the Doc was a Constantine fan!! I had to buy all the issues in TPB's, because I use most of my extra cash on magic, and subscriptions are expensive. I'm a big fan, though. Lots of material you might adapt for a ritual magic preformance, or something of the like. Food for thought, I guess...

"I'm the one who steps in from the shadow's,all trenchcoat and cigarette and arrogance, ready to deal with the madness. Oh, I've got it all sewn up. I can save you, even if it takes the last drop of your blood, I'll drive your demons away. I'll kick them in the ******** and spit on them when they're down, and then I'll be gone, back into the darkness leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack. I walk my path alone. Who would want to walk with me?" Constantine