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Topic: Ouellet illusion help
Message: Posted by: Steve Knight (Nov 21, 2006 01:07PM)
Via another thread here at the Café I found the Internet Archive's cache of Gary Ouellet's website - unfortunately the pages that gave the details of the illusions themselves haven't been archived. Does anybody here have copies of the pages that detail the following illusions?:

Carnival Games
Nightmare at the Gallows
The Greased Lightning Stage Vanish
The Brett Daniels Appearing Aircraft
The Made in Japan Illusion
The Millenium Cabinet
Russian Roulette

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: just_larry (Nov 21, 2006 11:39PM)
Can you please send the link!
Message: Posted by: Steve Knight (Nov 22, 2006 02:26AM)
Hi Larry, here's what's left of the front page of Ouellet's site. Navigation can be hit and miss since not all pages were archived (rats!)

Message: Posted by: just_larry (Nov 22, 2006 09:55PM)
Thanks Steve!
Message: Posted by: Magicque (Nov 23, 2006 07:13AM)
Fascinating and sad at the same time! Gary was a really nice guy and the best out there. He is really missed. You had a problem with an effect, you gave him a call and he was always helping.