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Topic: Silly question about Doves
Message: Posted by: Daniel J. Ferrara Jr. (Jan 1, 2003 10:32PM)
I am looking into buying a dove or two to add to my act. I would like to know how long the average dove lives and the conditions it needs to be happy and healthy. (Temperature, companionship, amount of space...)
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jan 3, 2003 06:28AM)
Ben will shoot me for getting to this before he does but anyway, Daniel, the life span of a dove is varied. Some books tell you 5 years average, but some performing doves live as long as 20 years. All depends on environment, treatment, genetics. I always plan for the worst and figure 5 years. All of mine are older than that. Doves can survive cold and heat as long as they are not in direct sunlight or in a draft. I keep mine in my basement and garage.

Famous dove worker, Amos Levkovitch keeps his birds in a large walk in an aviary outdoors while others keep them in cages. Mine are kept 2 birds per cage and each cage is about 24" x 24". Companionship often means eggs. Be sure you want that before you pair them up. I know this doesn't seem like a lot of definite answers but in dove magic, there are a lot of variables.

There are quite a few dove workers here at the Café so don't be afraid to ask questions.
Message: Posted by: Daniel J. Ferrara Jr. (Jan 3, 2003 07:49PM)
Thank You, your answers are very helpful to me. One other question, do doves need companions? Is it better to start with two doves instead of just one?
Message: Posted by: EranRaven (Jan 3, 2003 11:01PM)
Daniel, the amount of cage space is dependent on what you want to do with the birds, e.g... a bigger cage for your birds to fly in, if you want them to fly in your act, a smaller cage will suffice if you just want to "handle" them
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jan 3, 2003 11:31PM)
Daniel: On the matter of companionship, they don't need a mate. I know many dove workers that only have one bird. Be warned though. Doves are habit forming and once you use one, you'll want to add more to your act. The only caution is that if you have one for a length of time and introduce a new one, they may fight like cats and dogs. Doves are very territorial, especially if you get two males.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jan 5, 2003 10:42PM)

Your best bet it to buy a video tape of doves. One of the best is "Unmasks" by Tony Clark. Get volumes 1 and 2. I promise, you will feel a lot more relaxed after purchasing those videos.
Message: Posted by: Visual_Close_Up (Jun 21, 2008 04:19PM)
Another DVD to buy is dove 101 by Andy Amyx.
Message: Posted by: Gordon (Jun 23, 2008 02:00PM)
I'd get at least two doves. One could argue for humane reasons, but for practical reasons, too. Every show needs a back up plan.