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Topic: Good bizarre effects for a mentalist?
Message: Posted by: Rocketeer (Nov 23, 2006 11:34PM)
I'm developing a mentalism act. However, I'd like to include some bizarre magick in my repertoire, especially for the Halloween season next year. (Plenty of time to rehearse!) Can anyone recommend some effects that would work well in a mentalism act?
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 24, 2006 08:24AM)


check out the booktests that outlaw effects has!


and Bizzare!

Also -- Get TA WATERS Mind, Myth, and Magick....
Message: Posted by: leapinglizards (Nov 24, 2006 08:46AM)
The Dark Museum!!!!!
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 24, 2006 09:22AM)

Good one leap!

Ghost vision...

Think "mental photography"
Message: Posted by: lejon (Nov 24, 2006 11:33AM)
Capricornian tales

you seriuosly cannot go wrong with that

actually all chelman

et le compendium si tu parles francais

Just brilliant........
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Nov 24, 2006 11:58AM)
Close-up, parlor, or stage effects?

Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Nov 24, 2006 12:21PM)
All mentalism is bizarre magick - think about it. All you need is a bizarre presentation to an established mentalism effect.
Message: Posted by: Jeb Sherrill (Nov 24, 2006 01:19PM)
Hmm, now that is an interesting point Dr. Spektor. The philisophical similarity between Bizarrist and Mentalist pshycology is the main reason I've started getting into Mentalism. It really shouldn't be hard to gear a whole Mentalist act around more arcane themes. The two are more than compatable.

Message: Posted by: The Curator (Nov 24, 2006 02:32PM)
Psychopathic hippity hop rabbits from hell...
Message: Posted by: SeaDawg (Nov 24, 2006 02:47PM)
Message: Posted by: Rocketeer (Nov 24, 2006 03:10PM)
Tony, the act is primarily on the parlor scale. And Dr. Spektor, that connection between mentalism and bizarre is exactly why I'm interested in bizarre.

I do have Homicide and I think that it's great link to the bizarre. I think it could make a helluva a last act for a mentalism show.
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Nov 24, 2006 06:46PM)
The new Voodoo Doll (works like the Okito Doll) is wonderful Bizarre material for a mentalism performance.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Nov 24, 2006 07:02PM)
I would like to thank those above for the mention of the Dark Museum and I'd like to add that for an audience grabber and one that gets the reactions (which is what you are after), the DM takes the cake. I don't post all the reviews anymore (no room!) but many are on the Café and most all attest to the audience reaction to the Mental effect in a Bizarre situation. There is plenty of stuff out there to fill with...like Curator say's Hippity Hop Bizzaro Lepus...but what you need to focus in my opinion on are the showpieces that kick their butt...not the time fillers. Go for the things that can be woven together with other effects for a real cohesive presentation rather than random bits that are avialable everywhere even on eBay to everybody.

There are some great pices coming out of craftsmen avilable to you here on the Café that are unique (or at least Limited Editions)...take a look at The Ghost In The Machine being discussed in another thread...looks neat to me!

See my stuff on my Dark Museum Ensembles (plug...for shame) which will soon have a book of nearly 40 Routines from the top names in Bizarre Magic being written and released by Jim Magus.

I think rather than looking for the same old crap and twisting it, there is much here on the Café that is Bizarre and Mentalism specific that you can master and present and remain Original in all aspects.

Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (Nov 25, 2006 01:07PM)
Yeah, Dark Museum is the best choice.

Message: Posted by: Euangelion (Nov 27, 2006 12:39PM)
My Dark Museum arrived today and it is an extraordinary piece of work that Doug does. Four thumbs, er,...well, that's bizarre thought and that is what DM is. Great bizarre mentalism.
Message: Posted by: Vanian (Nov 30, 2006 03:26AM)
ZARKAMORTA II found in 13 Steps. Classic example of Bizarre Mentalism; Ritual Magick, Curses, Reincarnation wrapped around a book test with a bit of time travel thrown in! And it was designed for the parlor/ drawing room setting (one fo my favorites that I used to perform many years ago.)
Message: Posted by: ravi (Nov 30, 2006 08:04AM)
I do not do bizarre mentalism but when I have created effects, they sometimes got a bizarre slant.

This is why my opener at tables is a combination of mentalism and bizarre magic. The booktest, I use regularly also is very very (!!!) bizarre for the spectator and can be found in Psychological Subtleties 2.

Luke Jermay also has some nice routines with a bizarre flavor.