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Topic: Noel Lester, carnival magician
Message: Posted by: Billy Harper (Nov 24, 2006 01:16PM)
I am writing a magical reminiscence and would appreciate information anyone might have about a carnival magician by the name of Noel Lester. He performed an illusion tent show on midways during the 1930's through the 1950's. He would "turn the tip" on the outside platform by performing a "Super X" levitation and an egg bag routine that climaxed with the production of a large, live hen that flapped and squawked around the stage. He retired to somewhere in Florida and I'm sure has passed away by now. He was a friend of Mars The Magician (Austin Cockerell) who I have also been unable to locate. Lester claimed to have been the first magician to cut a woman in half with a buzz saw. Thanks again for any help or information.
Billy Harper, Charlotte, NC
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Nov 24, 2006 01:38PM)
Hi Billy,
Don't know who your looking for.Here is a led.Go to:

http://www.sideshowworld.com/ and email John there.Than try to get contact info on Ward Hall.He knew everybody.

Also get in touch with Phil Morris from Morris Costume right there in Charlotte N.C. he worked the road a lot back in the 50's.

Hope this helped.

Message: Posted by: David Charvet (Dec 1, 2006 04:28AM)
I met Lester's daughter about 25 years ago. She was involved with the restoration of the Pantages Theater in Tacoma, Washington, at the time. I think she was in her 70s then. She recalled assisting her Dad with the Buzz Saw. I am sure she's gone by now. A very nice lady, and if I recall correctly her name was Virginia Shackleford. (But my memory is dim!)