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Topic: Stop-Smoking Mentalism: reviews needed
Message: Posted by: Rebecca Travis (Dec 2, 2006 05:29AM)

I saw this ad at Elmwood Magic and it sounds good. Thanks for your comments!



A spectator is asked to participate in an experiment of stop-smoking hypnosis. She pretends to smoke an imaginary cigarette, and feels as if a real one was being used: she vividly visualizes its gray smoke, smells and tastes the tobacco, feels like coughing, etc... She then brings this invisible cigarette closer to her hand, causing a noticeable warming sensation; and when she finally decides to stub it out on her hand, she feels a sharp burn!

You can present the effect under any conditions: it seems completely impromptu and gimmickless, with the performer away at all times.

"I was amazed by the depth and the quality of his thinking... I can't recall the last time I saw something explained so well, and backed up by such clarity of thought." Michael Ammar

"I am fascinated with it... I pick it up often and just dive into wherever I open the book, and there is some fascinating reading here. Fabulous." Doc Eason

"The work is not only a complete act, but a unique perspective in audience control, pacing, and staging. I was riveted." Marc Salem

"I was fascinated by the intriguing and well thought-out writing style. Wonderful stuff. Can't wait for your future endeavors." Banachek

"This wonderful book not only explains 'how' to present a very strong impromptu-looking demonstration, it also explains 'why' each specific movement or sentence is critical to the overall effect... Many wonderful ideas." Chuck Hickok

"A very detailed and informative thesis on the combined presentations of magic and hypnosis." David Berglas"In a nutshell, this effect can be done on stage, up close, informally, anytime, anywhere and is simply a miracle." Geoffrey Ronning

"A new level of thinking. Great stuff." Lior Manor

"It is magic in a performance/motivational sense, yet magic also in the ancient idea of using 'illusion to create truth' - one of our mottos. The cover of the book is a powerful spell..." Kenton Knepper

"Actual wit and intelligence wrapped up in a lovingly and artfully prepared book... A wonderfully structured and thought-through routine, described with humor and style. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!" Bruce Bernstein

"A very thorough, well thought-out approach. Absolutely nothing has been left out. Well done!!" Bill Palmer

"I find it both fascinating and wonderful." TC Tahoe

"Stop Smoking Mentalism is certainly a unique book, where you can't fail to be stunned, beyond the presented effects, by the author's preparation and care in the research and study of the elected topic. A volume that will surely be cherished by mentalism fans, but that should also be read by everyone else to understand, learn and personalize the method of ****ysis and the creative process." Tony Binarelli
Message: Posted by: mota (Dec 2, 2006 04:23PM)
This was discussed in a closed section. There are some thoughts...

This punches the routine with an effect that uses a toxic chemical. That chemical is mercury.

You should look into this before doing the routine. In the book he kind of blurbs around the issue. Some have suggested talking to doctors to see if it is safe...doctors pretty much look things up in books and give their best guess if it is a topic they aren't familiar with. Doctors aren't as smart as urban legends make them out to be. They aren't the best source for safety issues, you should talk to a scientist...more on that below.


In this other thread it was suggested I was objecting to this because I was "politically correct"...I enjoyed that, never been called that before.

Since you are female you may want to check into mercury and babies.

If you decide you aren't concerned about mercury poisoning then this is an excellent routine.

Realize the younger you are the less this will concern you.

With the chemical punch this is an A+ routine and could play as real hypnotism. With the kicker this is excellent.

Without it the routine still has some fantastic thoughts.

I liked it very much but my wife is a biomolecular physiologist, she is qualified to give me advice on what is toxic and what is scary but safe.

She suggested I have nothing to do with mercury.

Later this week I will begin to post some items for sale as I am cleaning out. The Stop Smoking Mentalism book will be on that list. I think it is excellent but because of the poisoning issue I will never perform it. Your opinion of the risks of mercury may not agree...if it is acceptable risk to you then you have a winner in this book.
Message: Posted by: Rebecca Travis (Dec 3, 2006 03:19PM)
Thank you Mota for the review!

I knew this was not real hypnosis, and that some trickery was involved. But it’s ok for me to use gimmicks!

I also have the gimmick you are talking about (well I think), I have been using it already for one year or so. I had already read comments on the safety issues a few years ago so asked my family doctor, she said it was a dangerous product and I had to be careful with it, but it was ok to use it in the way it has to be used for my effect. Many of my magical friends also use it.

Any other reviews?Could you please tell me if this can be performed in real close-up? I mean, can it be performed for friend(s), in an impromptu informal situation, or it needs to have a public, you know those “special” stage-like conditions?

This is very important for me, because I only do close-up.


Message: Posted by: mota (Dec 3, 2006 07:30PM)
You need no special stage conditions. You would have someone you would be hypnotizing and you together, and everyone else watching.

Though technically there is something they could see I doubt it would ever become an issue.

It can be done in an informal situation and impromptu to the degree you have to be ready to do the final effect. There is no other set up.

If you accept the risks this is a great routine. As I've mentioned elsewhere this is the only pseudo-hyp routine that I've really liked. There is some wonderful practical thinking in this routine.
Message: Posted by: Rebecca Travis (Dec 5, 2006 02:58AM)
Thanks a lot for the great info Mota!

I may purchase it. Anybody else has other comments?


Message: Posted by: highmagic (Dec 8, 2006 04:01PM)
This book is already being discussed in the Inner Thoughts forum, where it belongs
Message: Posted by: Rebecca Travis (Dec 12, 2006 05:08PM)
Thanks for the PMs!

I didn't know it was discussed in the secret forum because I didn't have enough posts to access it,when I first asked for the reviews. Anyway I have ordered the book.