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Topic: R Paul Wilson - a little background...
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Dec 10, 2006 02:50AM)
[b]R. Paul Wilson[/b] learned his first sleight when he was eight years old. It was a way to cheat the game of Gin taught to him by his Grandfather. This started a life-long fascination with cheating methods and gambling sleight of hand.

Around the same time, Paul saw his first magician and was soon spending his pocket money on trick boxes and special decks of cards. One day he stumbled on a copy of [b]Jean Hugard's[/b] "[i]Card Manipulations Series[/i]" and "[i]More Card Manipulations[/i]". From that day he was rarely seen without a deck of cards, practicing esoteric moves and complicated card tricks.

Eventually, Paul found his way to Glasgow's magic shop "[b]Tam Shepherd's[/b]", where he showed the shopkeeper some of the moves he had learned. The shopkeeper recommended [i]The Royal Road To Card Magic[/i], told Paul [i]HOW[/i] to read it, and sent him on his way.

Finally, Paul was on the right path (literally). The shopkeeper was (and is) [b]Roy Walton[/b], a master card magician and inventor who has guided many
excellent magicians over the years. You couldn't ask for a better mentor.


Thanks to Roy, Paul went on to study [b]Vernon, Ramsay, Marlo, Farelli, Victor, Collins, Curry, George Kaplin, Anneman, Jennings[/b] and many more. He was also fortunate to be part of (at that time) a thriving magic community in Glasgow. [b]Jerry Sadowitz, Peter Duffie, Steve Hamilton, Douglas Cameron, Andrew Galloway, Neil Smith, George McBride, Richard James, Peter
McClanachan, Jackie McClements[/b] and [b]Gordon Bruce[/b] were all sharing ideas back then.

Paul spent a year travelling as a Svengali demonstrator where he met [b]Sonny Day[/b]. They became fast friends and Paul learned a great deal from Sonny. His magic has continued to influence Paul's thinking to this day.

In the early 90's, Paul began travelling to the United States. Since then he has become better known as a lecturer and inventor of magic.

In 2002, Paul moved into the th film and television business. Since then he has worked on several feature films, produced a TV series for [b]A&E[/b], produced
and starred in a show for [b]Court TV[/b], advised many other productions and is now working on a highly successful show for the [b]BBC[/b] called "[i]The Real Hustle[/i]" which has also been sold to the US. Next year sees the release of [i]Smokin' Aces[/i], a film he advised starring [b]Jeremy Piven[/b], who Paul taught to handle a deck. Thankfully, Paul's cameo in the film has been cut (he played a lousy 1970s Las Vegas lounge magician complete with tails, cape and a hat).

Paul continues to invent magic on his own and with his friend [b]Joe Porper[/b]. He's currently based in London, Los Angeles and Glasgow!