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Topic: Bottom Deal
Message: Posted by: Pavloter (Dec 11, 2006 05:28AM)
First of Welcome to Café.

Hey Paul what would you recomend good sorce for learning bottom deal and any crooked dealing at all. I do prototype of bottom deal and I woudl like to find out few points on how should I change it. I saw you at International Magic Convention, but you were busy so I couldn't talk to you then. Are you still in London?

Message: Posted by: R P Wilson (Dec 11, 2006 06:40AM)
Pavlo - there are many excellent sources for the Bottom Deal. Expert Card Technique teaches an excellent method, as does Erdnase (if the directions are followed properly).

Gene Maze's deal was inspired by Erdnase and is extremely good.

You might also consider an upcoming manuscript from Jason England on the Bottom Deal. His Second Deal manuscript is already available and is sure to be full of excellent advice from a true expert.

Damian Nieman's bottom deal is seen in the titles of shade. The approach he uses is similar to Jason's and several other people I know. If you watch that footage you can learn a great deal about the move.

I would also recommend the upcoming Fred Robinson book. When it finally appears you will be treated to some fantastic work on advanced sleight of hand.

I use my own version of the Robinson deals.

The best advise is to learn a couple of deals until you understand what makes them work then adapt what works for YOUR hand. Everyone is slightly different.

Message: Posted by: Pavloter (Dec 11, 2006 11:54AM)
Message: Posted by: Pavloter (Dec 16, 2006 09:36AM)
Hey Paul I tried to film my bottom deal and shift. If you could tell me your point of view on it and if you have some tips for me.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EWvX9MKfAU Bottom Deal
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=op964ZZyiyU Shift

Message: Posted by: R P Wilson (Dec 16, 2006 01:15PM)
I think the bottom is very nice with a good rythm (the most important factor).

Whenever I get a little off on the deal I tend to over-reach on the take and I think you are doing the same. Either don't reach so far under the deck with the taking finger or mimic the same reach for every deal.

Nice deal.

The shift is interesting. I think you have a nice even pace - not rushed - and that deceives the mind so it doesn't sit up and shout "what was that?"

The only issue is that it's not the bast shift for the table. Erdnase put it in the magic section and I suspect it was a platform shift. But it looks very nice too. I would perhaps table the deck as a continuing action of the shift OR take the deck in the right hand and then place it deep into the left for dealing. Hope that makes sense.

Good moves.

Message: Posted by: Pavloter (Dec 16, 2006 01:50PM)
Thanks again, will keep in mind all your tips. Ohh and happy holidays.