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Topic: Do you read a lot?
Message: Posted by: learachel (Dec 16, 2006 04:03PM)
Are you agree with me......ALL ARE IN THE BOOKS? Have you got a good collection of books?somes rare books?

What your best book do you read this year?
thank you
Message: Posted by: R P Wilson (Dec 16, 2006 04:23PM)
I have hundreds of books - mostly on magic or film. I have a large humour section, some martial arts stuff, lots and lots of fiction - many classics that I have read and more that I am yet to read. I love Origami too and have quite a few excellent books.

Around this time of year I like to go back over stuff I haven't read for a while. This year it's Lorayne's Close Up Card Magic - what a fantastic book! I think I might re-examine Vernon's chronicles too.

I have a couple of rare ones but not much to speak of.