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Topic: Cylinder and Coins
Message: Posted by: MJ Marrs (Dec 17, 2006 11:04AM)
Hey Paul, this has been a most enjoyable and informative week of learning from one of magic's best. I have the Cylinder and Coins that you and Joe Porper created. The coins that came with my set are pristine 1921 Morgans. I was wondering if you have any tips for working a Cylinder and Coins routine with coins that aren't well worn? I've gotten better at having the coins "talk" less, but I thought that I'd take this opportunity to ask the creator of this ingenious version. Thanks!

P.S. I'm anxiously waiting for the release of your Three Fly!
Message: Posted by: R P Wilson (Dec 17, 2006 05:11PM)
Hey MJ - the handling in the booklet is specifically for pristine coins. I had the same problem when I had the first set. The stack needs to be made from new coins or it becomes phenomenally expensive to make. Imagine the same set for DOUBLE the money!

So, for example, when I steal back two coins as I pretend to place them in the left hand then open the left hand to show the two already there - THAT'S when I move the right hand coins to finger palm - the opening of the left hand causes the left coins to make noise, so covering any noise from the right hand.

Also the way I do the last coin (the slo-mo then the look up as I quietly slide the last coin onto the palmed stack) is designed to cover the new coins.

Hope this makes sense. If you ever run into me at a convention, we'll sit down and I can show you the sequence personally.

Message: Posted by: MJ Marrs (Dec 17, 2006 05:29PM)
That makes perfect sense, thanks for your time!