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Topic: The Jaw droppers Videos
Message: Posted by: Markothegame (Jan 5, 2003 12:45PM)
Hi i have just seen jaw droppers on the one off the shopping channals here in the uk.
I was woundering if any one if the videos were any good or not and worth getting. :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: Just4Fun (Jan 5, 2003 02:52PM)
I don't know if they're any good, but they're always available on EBAY and pretty cheap.
Message: Posted by: preston91 (Jan 5, 2003 02:55PM)
there is a lot of magic in those videos.
many classic effects and unique handlings as well. All within the grasp of the beginner...
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Jan 5, 2003 04:17PM)
I bought the Jawdroppers videos a few years ago and I really liked them. There is a great deal of simple, yet effective tricks on the videos. Well worth the $40US I paid!
Message: Posted by: Paul Menzel (Jan 5, 2003 05:29PM)
The tapes are geared towards the total neophyte, so he doesn't use the magic terminology you are probably familiar with and your experience will probably suggest slightly different handlings to you for some effects, but there is some really good material here. It's how I kick-started my real pursuit of magic. Larry Anderson, the teacher on these tapes, worked with Mark Wilson in the creation of the [i]Complete Course in Magic[/i] and it is similarly accessible.

Worth getting for those still fairly new to magic, while veterans with huge libraries probably already have most of the material scattered throughout their other sources.
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Jan 5, 2003 10:32PM)
I agree with Paul that he doesn't use magic terminology. If I remember there are not a lot of credits given either.
Message: Posted by: B.K.Pal (Apr 24, 2005 09:31AM)
There is a brief mention of Lary Anderson with his photo in Mark Wilson's course. Is he the same guy? From where to know more about Lary Anderson?
Message: Posted by: djc89 (Apr 24, 2005 01:39PM)
I have all four of them and each of them are decent videos. Some of the tricks, I think, are too good to even be on this video: eg. Self Folding bill and Cut and restored bill. The 4th video is my least favorite because of the Svengali deck tricks. Not many use Svengali decks anymore.
Message: Posted by: tbaer (Apr 24, 2005 05:04PM)
The jaw droppers videos are how I got started many years ago. They have good effects for the beginner. If you are thinking of purchasing them, buy them on ebay because you can get all 4 videos plus the Svengali deck for about $15.00 to $20.00.
Message: Posted by: WorldOfIllusion2005 (Apr 24, 2005 09:37PM)
I think the JawDroppers video tapes are good for beginners. I used them about 6 years ago when I was starting to get heavily into magic. I still nowadays go back to them occasionally when I am looking to add some impromtu magic to my list of magic. It is a pretty good set of tapes.
Message: Posted by: Alniner (Apr 25, 2005 12:39PM)
Marko, I still have my set, which I'm getting ready to put up on Ebay....PM if you're interested.
Message: Posted by: amakar (Jul 14, 2005 11:28PM)
Are they on DVD yet?
Message: Posted by: jack_is_dead (Jul 19, 2005 11:36PM)
I like jaw droppers..i also started magic with those..its great matterial if you are a begginer..
Message: Posted by: Bill Douglas (Jul 23, 2005 11:12PM)
I'm sure that anyone new to magic will find a handful of tricks that suit them on each tape. I recommend watching them once or twice without the explanations to pick the coolest tricks that make your jaw drop then go back, learn, study, and master them. I still do a few of the tricks I learned from these tapes because they are fun and fairly easy to do. One can put quite a bit of showmanship to these tricks and make a nice reputation for them selves in social circles.
Message: Posted by: Airborne Ranger (Aug 10, 2005 12:41PM)
I'm sure some experienced magicians will find a handful of useful tricks with the series. Ashes on the arm is still one of my trademark tricks and I learned it seven years ago off of Jaw Droppers!