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Topic: A new version of "Spike"
Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Dec 24, 2006 11:35AM)
I may release yet another version of the Spike effect this year. I know that is the last thing we need. The release of this is a big [b]maybe[/b] and is not on my release schedule. This new method was developed one of my co-partners who helps in refining my releases, Mel Strouse.

This method uses:
No magnets,
No electronics,
No threads from the base
No marked bases, completely hidden under cup
No marked cups
No shadow technique (cup isn't darker, etc.)
Everything can be examined.
No extra gimmicks, nothing but the 4 bases and 4 cups
100% surefire, you never touch the cups and can be out of the room while they are covered.
New Principle and method [b]never[/b] used before.
No equivoque --You immediately know the location of the spike the moment you turn around, even if the spectator has lost track!
Could make all other methods obsolete (well maybe).

Of course right now there are too many of these on the market, but this is just a new version that may interest somebody.

One of the problems I have with the potential release of this, is that once people see this new method, they most likely will not buy the other methods using magnets, electronics. Dealer and distributors have a lot money tied up in the expensive effects and who would spend a couple hundred when you could buy this method for less than $75.00. I would wait until the current methods on the market die down, before releasing this new one.

I'm not out to hurt any of my dealer friends and this could seriously affect sales of the other versions, so don't expect this any time soon.
Message: Posted by: Jessiah (Dec 24, 2006 12:33PM)
Its probably best to just keep this too yourself, and then do what you said. But if your trying to start a little hype, this is a good place to do it I guess. Sounds like you have a great new version that people will buy!
Message: Posted by: DerekMerdinyan (Dec 24, 2006 12:33PM)
I really wish you would stop trying to plug your effects here Mr. Knight. Every time you do, I just have to add another amazing effect to my collection. ;) And, like always, your stuff seems very under priced for what you describe!


Derek Merdinyan
Message: Posted by: Jessiah (Dec 24, 2006 12:34PM)
Yeah, why not just sell it for $100 with a dvd or something...
Message: Posted by: learachel (Dec 25, 2006 03:12AM)
I nerver buy the other methods, there are always something I don"t like (the price, the method, only 3 spike etc etc)it's for the peoples like me you MUST release your version! ;-)))
thank you
Message: Posted by: FADE (Dec 26, 2006 06:47PM)
Firstly and foremost I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and a prosperous new year to follow - hopefully. Devin, you got my full attention regarding the "other" version. I'm highly intrested and can only hope that you decide to release the "method". BTW, I fried my friends with Blindsight and love the concept of the effect. I look forward in getting Insight very soon also.

Keep me posted...

Message: Posted by: sbays (Dec 27, 2006 02:30AM)
I agree as well, Devin I STRONGLY encourage you to release this new version. I really love your work and thinking.

The nice thing about Blindsight, is that you can customize it to do whatever you want. I currently use this method with ESP cards as well. Great stuff!
Message: Posted by: broothal (Dec 28, 2006 08:04AM)
I have yet to see a version of this effect that I like, and I definitely see a market here. The basic effect is a killer - no doubt about that. And if your version is 100% safe then you have my attention. To be precise: I need it to be safe - even if I have a busy day and due to a momentary lapse of concentration smash the wrong cup.

Am I asking the impossible? Maybe - but I have a number of your effects and I believe that if anyone can solve this inherent problem then it's you.
Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Dec 28, 2006 02:11PM)
You will 100% know which cup has the spike. However if you have lapse of concentration you could hit the run cup. You know forget where it was. I guess in the is regards nothing is 100% safe because the performer can screw up but the method is clean and you will know the cup instantly without any of the above previously mentioned things.
Message: Posted by: LWright (Dec 28, 2006 09:52PM)
In that case..who wants to build a collapsible metal spike that can be examined by spectators beforehand, should things go wrong ? =)
Seems like a worthwhile investment, people want safe, they get safe! Doesn't seem to be too hard to do either.

I'm interested in this effect too, You should release it, whatever about doing good for the sake of your fellow dealers, do good for the sake of your fellow magicians..but don't mind me, I'm just being selfish and dying for a good SPIKE effect. =)
Message: Posted by: Roth (Dec 28, 2006 10:46PM)
Message: Posted by: Mr. Muggle (Dec 29, 2006 02:04AM)
Now I will have to do some more research on this effect.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Jan 18, 2007 12:54PM)
Any updates on this Devin?
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 4, 2007 09:40PM)
Have you had a change of heart on the release of this new version?