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Topic: Tis the season--again
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Dec 31, 2006 01:42PM)
Tis the season. Tourist season, that is, is now back in full swing at my pitch, 3rd street. Been going out late--8 to 10--but having good crowds that get the jokes and appreciate the humor and the magic. It's great fun to have good crowds. Last night, got a ten and five fives.

I want to thank Gazzo for being my mentor, and for his terrific pouch for my circle shows, and I want to thank Tommy Wonder for his Ambitious Card routine for my close-up shows. I also want to thank Danny Hustle for being my colleague, and for all his advice. Happy New Year.

Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Dec 31, 2006 02:39PM)
Aww, heck, Jimmy, thank you too, buddy. You're the best!


Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Dec 31, 2006 04:48PM)
Happy New Year, Jim. Glad to hear your doing so well. Hope all is good.

OK..Happy New Year to you too, Dan...hehehe. Really, have the best New Year Ever, Dan...


(Hey, Westly...)
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Dec 31, 2006 10:42PM)
Don, happy new year to you too, brother! I was thinking about you the other day. It was cold as a debt collector's heart, and I had a vision of it still being warm enough where you are to sit outside and have a beer. :)

All the best for the New Year!


Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Dec 31, 2006 11:27PM)
Yep...we hit a record high just a few days ago of 73. It's still in the 60s; unheard of for Tennessee this time of year. (Global warming...the end is near, hehehe.)

Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Jan 1, 2007 02:15PM)
Happy New Year to all of you!

I hope to meet all you in my travels this coming year, as I will be on the road a great deal.

I can't wait!!!

Warmest Regards!

Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Jan 1, 2007 04:56PM)
PM me when you're getting to LA for my phone number.

I owe you a call.

After I finished a close up set with the Ambitious Card to Ring Box, a guy comes up and asks me how much for one of those decks. I said, "I could sell it to you, but it's just a normal deck." I said, "But you can get a trick deck that will do almost the same thing." He didn't believe me and repeated, "How much for one of those decks?"
I'm gonna buy some stock off of Zack for the next opportunity like that.

Message: Posted by: jimmy talksalot (Jan 3, 2007 03:52PM)
I went to the promenade, and I didn't see you. I saw Tom Frank and Black Magic. I'm going next week. I hope to meet you.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Jan 3, 2007 10:08PM)
I was working 8 to 10. I'll probably be there tomorrow, Thursday, and Sunday. Hope to meet you, too!


PS: Wesley says "hi", Uncle Don.