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Topic: First Time Busking!
Message: Posted by: trombley (Jan 4, 2007 08:21AM)
Well, I finally tried busking for the first time yesterday. It's something I have been putting off for many reasons. I live in Toronto, Canada, and yesterday (Jan 3rd) it was actually quite a bit above freezing, which is rare, so I decided to try it.

Wow. It was really fun. And I sure learned a lot, even in just one day. I found you really do get what you ask for. The first couple hats, I said in my hat line that any change you could spare would be greatly appreciated. And that's exactly what I got. Quarters, dimes, and pennies.

The next few shows, I said come and put a few dollars in the hat if you enjoyed the show. This time I got mainly loonies and toonies. (1 and 2 dollar coins here in Canada) I even got a few fives. I worked from about 2:30 in the afternoon till dark (about 5). I made a grand total of $57.70 and couldn't be happier with that for my first time. I think I will try it again this afternoon if it warms up like forecasted.

I also learned about having weak moments. In one of the shows, I accidentally put my normal-sized balls under the final loads. (Does that sound wrong?) While digging around in my pouch for the balls, I lost some of my crowd. People really don't wait for anything on the street, do they?

I also want to thank all the buskers that post on this forum and give up some great secrets. You gotta dig through all the topics, but there is some gold in there. Like from Bill Palmer, Danny Hustle, Mario Morris, etc.

Anyways, I guess now I should get to patching up the weak areas in my show.

Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Jan 4, 2007 09:06AM)
Awesome! Keep at it, and just get better at prop management. It will save you a ton of heart ache in the future. Keep everything in the same place, ALL THE TIME!
Get to a point where your hands just "know" where to go, and then you can focus on the show.
I practiced my C&B routine with my eyes closed (I learned this from reading about Johnny Ace Palmer practicing his C&B in the dark), and it helped with knowing my workspace and the placement of my stuff in the pouch and on the table. Then the rest of the show just comes together, because now you are concentrating on your crowd and not your props.

It's great that you got out there, but even more importantly you learned something and are working to fix it!!! You've overcome an obstacle that many never try to overcome. You learned something, and now you are applying it!

Cheers! ...and Fat Hats!
Message: Posted by: RobertBloor (Jan 4, 2007 09:19AM)
Congrats! You've taken your first steps into a larger world! Sounds like you had a great time!

Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jan 4, 2007 09:48AM)
Matt, you're a top man; stay focused and avoid the politics of magicians and street performers. Fall in love with your art, respect the streets, watch your back, and keep your nose clean.
Enjoy yourself.
Message: Posted by: jolyonjenkins (Jan 4, 2007 02:08PM)
Apart from C&B, what did you do?
Message: Posted by: trombley (Jan 4, 2007 03:04PM)
Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone.

Well I stopped the first people with a card trick, usually Dr. Daley's Last Trick, and brought in more people with Chicago Surprise.
Then I did a Cards to Pocket, and finished with the Cups and Balls.