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Topic: Finale...
Message: Posted by: swingjunkie (Jan 6, 2007 09:40AM)
Does anyone think a blindfold routine (based on John Archer's) could actually work as a closer? People could get a laugh out of the removing of the duct tape, while putting in money. (Obviously, it wouldn't work all the time...that would hurt eventually.)
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Jan 6, 2007 01:10PM)
Yes, everything is possible on the street.

Would I do it?


You are giving power to the people. The moment you are taped up, they can do anything with you; steal your money, wreck up your sound system, etc. You need somebody with you who is capable of holding back people when they are behaving badly. It also takes too long to take off the tape, etc. If you are done, you want money; and when you can't see them, then have a reason to go.