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Topic: My new routines and sleights
Message: Posted by: jedoonatmagic (Jan 15, 2007 02:49AM)
Just recently, I've come across some new and awesome stuff that I've been really excited about. It's been a great start for me so far in 2007. I just hope the creative juices continues to flow as far as trying to explore new possibilities in stand-up coin magic. So without further a due. Here are two videos for your viewing pleasure and critique.




The High Velocity Spellbound (HVS) has been my pride and joy of '07. And if you look closely on "Boo Ya!," it was utilized in the routine.
Message: Posted by: kardillusions (Jan 15, 2007 03:08AM)
Very cool!

Perhaps you've thought of this, but a HVS variation could be utilizing a quick B-clip with the silver coin, instead of pitching it, and that way your RH is clean after the change, because that's the hand they'll be looking at... you would have a nice display of palm-up hands, and you could toss the chinese coin back and forth...

Basically, at it's bare core your HVS is like a shuttle pass (or more accurately, Bobo switch), but what makes it cool is it's instantaneous visuals with the change- unfortunately, it would probably be more believable if it was a bit cleaner and open after the change. If only there were a way to toss a coin straight into EG... Like I said before, Very Cool though!

Reminds me of a Garret Thomas ring-thing, karate coin move...

As for "Boo Ya!" - This shows some great promise, but it's not quite ready yet I think. It seems to be two routines, with the ring/string and production/vanish/penetrations through pocket... I would break that into two routines.

FYI- Something I noticed; right before you show your hands empty at the end, (after the chinese coin is re-linked onto the ribbon), your hands go in your pockets- that's a bad image to your audience, your hands went to the pockets "for no reason" before showing them empty (immediately afterwards), meaning there must have been something there...

I would recommend wearing a dinner jacket (sleeves rolled up if you like) and using Troy Hooser's dextrous ditch here- that would work wonderfully.

I like how you used the coin through pocket twice near the vanish stage of the silver coins, to clean it up and make the vanishing easier (and get ready for the spellbound/ribbon work)... that shows some great creative routining on your part!

Great stuff! Thanks for posting some videos, more people should!

Message: Posted by: jedoonatmagic (Jan 15, 2007 03:46AM)

Hey, thanks for the detailed input. I've taken all into consideration. Now, I know what your saying about the B-clip thing. It's somewhat possible, but HVS to me was almost a comfort zone sort of thing. In all actuality, the clean-up I use is another pitch, almost a Sylvester Pitch but modified. The move has a lot of potential, I just want to know if I can max out the possibilities soon.

As for Boo Ya, really...it was a spur of the moment routine strait to video. I tend to do a lot of that. Then again, that is the way I come across new material and ideas. So, Boo Ya was no different to my usual ritual of routine/moves strait to video. With this routine I somewhat knew where I was going till I got down the the last silver coin. I was troubled for a good climax to the routine. And I guess out of nowhere came the coin through pocket. Why? Desperation to ditch the silver coins. And coin through pocket was the first thing that came to mind. Then, I realized that coin thru can't be the end. And that's where the chinese coin and ribbon came in. I am also aware of the unfortunate hand to pocket. I wish I had put on a different shirt, lol. I like doing magic in T-shirts, eliminating the possiblity of sleeving. And it's what I'm used to. I also found that in real-life situations the casual hands in pocket is okay, with proper misdirection of course.

All in all, thanks for the critique. I can assure you that these routine and moves will developed real soon, and it shall strike hard! LoL.

Message: Posted by: Fingers (Jan 16, 2007 12:49PM)
With the exception of the hand going to the pocket after introducing the Chinese coin in "Boo Ya" Everything looked good to me jedoonatmagic. Personally I would have ended the routine there and seperated it from the Chinese coin and ribbon part. The "High Velocity Spellbound" is a cool idea too. Keep up the good work.....