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Topic: Looking for some who can restore magic
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Jan 17, 2007 07:52AM)
Hi, I just bought old trick that need to be repainted and fixed up. Its called run martian run. It is all metal. I am not sure if antique or what it is. I would really like to get it fixed up. If anyone can help me please let me know or point me to someone that does would be great. If anyone knows anything about this it would be great to know.
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Jan 17, 2007 08:04AM)
Where did you get it? Maybe they can help you.

Message: Posted by: Dave Dorsett (Jan 17, 2007 09:40AM)
My old partner, George Richbark, still does some restoration work... he's done it for Klosterman and some of the other heavy hitters out there. You can find contact info at-

Don't have any idea what his schedule is like now but his work is good.
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Jan 17, 2007 02:01PM)
I wish I new it came from guy on ebay. he know nothing about it unfortunally.

Thanks I will check him out.
Message: Posted by: Joe Mansfield (Jan 18, 2007 08:35AM)
Chance Wolf used to advertise a restoration service. You may check with him.
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Jan 18, 2007 08:43AM)
Ok great I never thought of that. Thanks for that idea to.
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Jan 21, 2007 08:42AM)
Also, you can check with Michael Baker. He is a Café member.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jan 21, 2007 07:25PM)
I second the recommendation from James. Start with Michael Baker.

Bob Sanders
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