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Topic: Harry Potter School TV show for kids?
Message: Posted by: mjeayres (Jan 25, 2007 03:54PM)
I have just seen this news report on the BBC website regarding a new TV show (in the UK)for kids, teaching them magic in a 'Harry Potter' type school.


Would be interested in hearing your views, do you think this would be good for magicians? or another exposure show?

I have mixed feelings, although I have not heard about this in the Magic Press, so I do wonder who these "magic mentors" are? Any ideas?

Message: Posted by: Smarty Pants (Jan 25, 2007 04:54PM)
Who will be the magic Mentors? Potty the Pirate and Kimmo?
Message: Posted by: kimmo (Jan 25, 2007 08:51PM)
On 2007-01-25 17:54, Smarty Pants wrote:
Who will be the magic Mentors? Potty the Pirate and Kimmo?

What a wonderful idea - I'm sure Doug and I would be up for it. Thanks for the vote of confidence Mr. Pants.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hoffman (Jan 25, 2007 09:48PM)
That's where Jolly Roger has been all this time he has been away from the forum! We miss you Jolly!
Message: Posted by: Smarty Pants (Jan 28, 2007 07:57PM)

This Harry Potter Convention is in Canada. Others will be taking place around the world. There could be opportunities there for all of us.
Message: Posted by: Smarty Pants (Jan 29, 2007 01:14PM)
Here is a typical letter written by a child complaining about this series:
Mark Thompson
Director General
BBC TV Centre
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ

(your postal address)

Dear Mr Thompson,

My name is ..............., I am x years old, and in love with the
art of Magic.

I have recently heard that you plan to broadcast a series, currently
titled the �Sorcerer�s Apprentice� which will publicly reveal secrets
of Magic to the un-suspecting public, and, am, frankly, embarrassed
and ashamed that you would consider such a thing.

I have been interested in the art for over four years now, and have
spent much time and dedication working to the level that I have now
reached. As well as reading magic books, and joining The Magic
Circle�s Young Magician�s Club, I have spent literally hundreds of
hours practicing, what your series would title �tricks�. I have kept
myself happy for years, providing distractions for the other, harsh
realities of secondary-school life, which has, in tern, provided
entertainment for hundreds of others who have seen me perform.

If your series does go ahead, there is no doubt in my mind, that I
will loose my reputation and friends. I can easily envisage that,
within weeks, I will be bullied, as everything I have worked so hard
towards, is destroyed on national television, for no real goal.

There is a clear distinction between those, such as myself, who go to
a shop, and buy a magic trick, and learn how it is done, compared to
someone who, in between watching their favourite programme, have
their decision made up for them, and are told to see this exposure of
magic. Those watching may enjoy the art, but, what your program is
doing, is forcing them to know the secrets. There is a difference
between learning, so you can perform, and being told the secret,
simply so one channel has something to broadcast, destroying the
hearts of thousands of young magicians nationally.

You should, for a minute watch http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/
jonathancreek/interviews/bongo/clip8.shtml as Ali Bongo, possibly the
most famous magician alive, explains, on your own website, why what
you are doing is wrong.

Several weeks ago I heard that you were asking famous magicians, such
as David Berglas to participate, who turned down the job- and this is
for a simple reason- they do not want to accept the responsibility
that they are the reason for national bullying, and a drop in
interest in magic.

Your show will, most certainly, not get any more people, certainly
children, interested in magic, because of the stigma attached to it,
and how everyone will know how everyone else �does their tricks�.
Please, take a lesson from Paul Daniels� 11-year BBC series, and
learn that watching magic creates viewers, exposing magic only
creates bullying for those trying to perform.

Those who have signed overleaf all share my belief that the programme
should not take place, are opposed to it, enjoy magic for what it is,
and would hate to see it rawly exposed on television.

Please, don�t lower your standards- this is the BBC!

Message: Posted by: paulyjr (Feb 3, 2007 09:48AM)
This is a template letter passed out to the kids. There has been mis information. This show will be a very positive show starring Max Somerset from Max Magic fame. It's not a show about exposure.
Message: Posted by: ChristopherM (Feb 6, 2007 08:59AM)
I should hope so! No one really wants to see another one of those, surely? I mean, Dirty Tricks was just as bad, if not worse, for magic. Absolute joke.
Message: Posted by: stijnhommes (Nov 9, 2009 06:25AM)
Let's dust this thread off. The show is now in its third series. Has anyone formed an opinion now?