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Topic: What is in Your Assassn's Pouch?
Message: Posted by: dbolan (Feb 1, 2007 03:06AM)
A comparison may help others and myself with efficient use of pockets; for me:

Centre area:
1. Standard Deck in Osterlind Breakthrough Arrangement
2. Invisible Deck (great when twinned with Osterlind Corrinda effect)
3. Entourage Packet
4. Skinner Three Card Monte Packet
Sharpie Holder:
5. Two Colour-Changing Knives
Lower Front Pocket:
6. Colour Deception
7. Scotch & Soda w/ Extra Centavo & Bang Ring
Upper Front Pocket:
8. Holy Moly (primary three washers only)
9a. One Domino for Domino Monte
Thumb Tip/ITR Pocket
9b. Two Dominos for Domino Monte (who needs a stained thumb tip)

Message: Posted by: LegendaryEgos (Feb 1, 2007 03:36PM)
Just got mine...only carrying a couple things right now.

1 regular deck(Ghost deck)
1 pack flash paper
4 Gimmick for Fraud
1 Matchbox Penetration
1 Thread for Saw

that's it right now...have more room but haven't loaded it up yet...what I hate is that the standard packet trick holder doesn't fit unless you cram it in bending it. Wish they made it slightly bigger...also wish the side pockets had flaps like the ones on the front so you could choose whether to keep them open, like if you had a sharpie or closed if it was an ITR or something.

Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Apr 16, 2007 07:40PM)
What's your overall oppinion about the product?

Message: Posted by: dbolan (Apr 17, 2007 04:41PM)
What's your overall oppinion about the product?
Love it. But don't take my word, there are 73 and counting varying opinions here:

Message: Posted by: Kip Stevens (Apr 17, 2007 09:27PM)
I keep my little rubber friends in there!!! NAUGHTY............but nice!!
Message: Posted by: Justin Craddock (Apr 19, 2007 12:15AM)
Yea........the assassin pouch is ridiculous.....
Message: Posted by: BrianMillerMagic (Apr 19, 2007 04:13PM)
First time I saw it I couldn't believe Sankey was passing it off as "professional." It seems absolutely ridiculous to me that a magician working a professional gig would actually be wearing that, but it might be just me.
Message: Posted by: ChristopherM (Apr 19, 2007 04:56PM)
Many have compared this item to the Pro Carrier put out by Joshua Jay. From the photos the Pro Carrier looks more professional to me, IMO. That's not to say some people will have already had great success with Jay's item in professional bookings.


Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (May 10, 2007 03:01PM)
I prefer to have a small- indeed small briefcase to put my things in it. I do not want that fat pouch ruin the elegance of my suit or Tuxedo. My own thought.
Message: Posted by: Glen (Oct 2, 2008 05:11PM)
Not for me....I would rather produce things unsuspectingly from my pockets. It's more natural.
Message: Posted by: dbolan (Jan 8, 2021 02:57AM)
But great for a hobbyist. My poker buddies love that I have something called the Assassin’s Pouch.
Message: Posted by: EZrhythm (Jun 3, 2021 01:05AM)
I use cell phone cases that clip to the belt. Any low hanging shirt/coat covers them up if I desire with no bulk of a larger case. The cases can even be worn upside-down with foam used to hold props in. Makes for a great hold-out; TT, sponge balls, pens, coins, cards, etc. I can have my pockets empty and still carry two decks or a second wallet, over-sized coin and all of the previously mentioned, etc. Holding out ungimmicked versions of effects out of my pockets is also super convenient. Think batman of magic utility belt. :coolspot:
Message: Posted by: The great Gumbini (Jul 17, 2021 04:21PM)
I carry a very nice leather briefcase which doubles as a stand to place and perform my effects on top of.

Good magic to all,