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Topic: Smokers out there please help!
Message: Posted by: danny (Jan 10, 2003 05:02AM)
I own Keith Clarke's Encyclopedia of Cigarette magic and was just wondering how good the Tom Mullica vids are. Will they teach me anything new? I am new to cigarette manipulation and was just wondering if the vids are helpful.
Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: Magicusa (Jan 18, 2003 08:31PM)
Tom Mullica is a master with cigarette manipulation. I haven't see anyone who can do what he can do with cigarette! It's like real magic in his hands. If you are thinking of doing cigarette magic then you have got to see his tape. The only bad thing is that today lots of people hate cigarettes. I don't do cigarettes any more in my show.
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jan 20, 2003 10:08PM)
I would love to learn more cigarette magic. I really don't know many tricks with cigs which is a bit daft really because it's the only prop I will ALWAYS have with me. How do you rate the encyclopedia, Danny, and do you know who sells them?
Message: Posted by: leefoley3 (Jan 21, 2003 07:16PM)
I totally agree with magicusa, although I have not seen Mullica's videos, watching him perform on one of "The Worlds Greatest Magic" shows I don't see how you could go wrong. Good Luck. -Lee.
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Jan 23, 2003 12:31PM)
For the record there was an entertainer back in the 30's that did a cigarette act much like what Tom Mullica used to do. Including eating them.

I don't know if you can still buy the 'napkins' that is used with Mullica's act.

Ray Noble
Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Feb 11, 2003 09:09PM)
Keep in mind that, being the showman that he is, Tom Mullica puts himself in situations that he knows might cause burns/injury.

Keith Clarks "Encyclopedia..." is probably to cigarettes what "Royal Road..." is to cards!

Message: Posted by: Turk (Feb 11, 2003 09:48PM)
Just a general question for all who use cigarettes in their act:

For anyone still doing cigarette magic, how do you pull this off in thses days of anti-smokers, second-hand smoke, etc? If you don't light the cirgarette, why not just substitiute a non-cigarette item for the cigarette?

I can possibly see using cigarettes in lounge acts and bars, but elsewhere...I just don't know.

IMHO, it seems an audience's aversion to cigarette smoke may force me to have second thoughts.

Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Feb 11, 2003 11:50PM)
Greetings Turk!

That's sort of in the line of, What if you do dove magic or rabbit productions? In fact, with the bad rap that the animal rights people usually give to anyone that works with animals, for the purpose of entertainment, why not substitute a non-animal item for the animal? :smoke:

As you can probably tell, I work with cigarettes. :smoke: :kewl: :smoke:

Message: Posted by: cegarcia (Feb 12, 2003 03:50PM)
The encyclopedia is a great resource BUT it's a very hard read. Not many pictures and he uses an initial lettering system to describe fingers and movements to discourage the outsider having a read through. Mullica videos are quite entertaining. Lots of good pointers for handling. He does a lot of clowning around that really doesn't fit with my personality. Great behind the bar stuff.
Message: Posted by: Turk (Feb 12, 2003 10:21PM)

Thanks for the reply.

I wasn't intending to put down cigarette magic AT ALL! I would LOVE to do some cigarette magic but I have been hesitant to devote the time necessary to learn the routines and practice, practice, practice--only to learn that cigarette magic is "out" or not very well received by a large segment of the audience.

Hence, the purpose of my post. In my "mind", I "see" cigarette magic as not being well received. What I would like to know are answers such as: Do you limit your cigarette magic to certain types of groups or mileau, and, if so, which ones? Where do you perform your cigarette magic?

Here in Portland, Oregon you are not able to smoke in hardly any public "space". (i.e is this the same as performing with a lit cigarette?).

Perhaps, stage magic is o.k. versus close up. I'm just trying to get a feel for where cigarette magicians perform and what kind of audience feedback do you receive, if any, regarding the use of cigarettes.

Thanks for any input.

Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Feb 13, 2003 08:30PM)
S'Okay Turk!

Probably should have used a couple of these. ;) ;)

As far as milieu, on a stage is where I have done most of the cigarette work. However, if I am in an environment where it's allowed I will work with a spectator's cigarettes. You know, what with the price of these things nowadays. Cuts my costs! ;)

Message: Posted by: Mr. Bunkley (Feb 14, 2003 10:56AM)

Here's my 2 cents. I LOVE cigarette magic. In fact, I started smoking just to perform the effects - ha!!! That's not completely true. Although I never was a cigarette smoker until I got Tom Mullica's tapes about 4-5 years ago. I'd call myself a casual smoker now because I usually have a pack on me and when there is down time, I light one up and smoke it while I practice tonguing, hand manipulations, etc. . .

So... here goes!!! If you want to do cigarette magic the Tom Mullica Tapes are a MUST. The Kieth Clark book is also a must have. I'm surprised to hear that one of you doesn't believe there are enough pictures in the Kieth Clark Encyclopedia book. I think there are a LOT of pictures. ..They are just numbered kind of strange and sometimes hard to follow.

The Cellini book also has some good cigarette stuff. I also think that the Cellini tape from a London lecture has him performing and explaining his cig. stuff. I don't think it's on his Street Performing video that was just recently released.

Mullica and Cellini show you the REAL DEAL... tonguing, reverse tonguing, handling more than one smoke at a time, etc... Unfortunately, the REAL DEAL means that you are going to get burned. There is no other way around it. But, once you get used to having burn sores in your mouth... it's great stuff. At the height of Mullica's act he's got 12 burning cigarettes in his mouth along with 4-5 soggy napkin balls taking up mouth space. It really seems like a lot more.

I've gotten to vanishing 4 cigs in my mouth... and I kind of think I'll stop there - ha!!

One of the posters mentioned that he didn't think the "napkins" that Mullica uses for his total vanish of the 12 cigs are not available anywhere. Well.... I've watched the vids a million times and I am quite sure that there is NO "special" or gimmicked napkin used by Mullica. He just uses a normal napkin and of course, he doesn't really swallow them.... it's misdirection.

What you see is exactly what's happening he's got 4-5 napkins in his mouth along with 12 burning cigarettes. Then they are gone. It's amazing, but I'm sure it's quite taxing on the performer (which is probably why Tom Mullica is doing a Red Skelton show now- ha!!!) He's definitely one of my favorites, whether he's doing Magic or an imitation of Red Skelton. He's a born entertainer.

That's it.... just buy what I've listed,

Message: Posted by: danny (Feb 22, 2003 02:33PM)
The Encyclopedia is I think now unfortunately out of print. However I purchased one of Tom's Vids and they are amazing. Just do a search on the web if you're interested.
Message: Posted by: leefoley3 (Mar 8, 2003 06:46PM)
On 2003-02-11 22:48, Turk wrote:
Just a general question for all who use cigarettes in their act:

For anyone still doing cigarette magic, how do you pull this off in these days of anti-smokers, second-hand smoke, etc? If you don't light the cirgarette, why not just substitute a non-cigarette item for the cigarette?

I am not familiar with any cigarette routines, just a couple of simple slieghts. Just out of curiosity, have any of you seen Penn and Tellers: Bull@$%#$# (I believe it's on one of the Showtime premium cable channels) They pointed out a statistic that has been compilied by a large scale/long term experiment and have concluded that when it comes to second hand smoke, that one person in one MILLION MIGHT suffer some sort of illness due to the exposure of second hand smoke. You got me. I don't know. I just thought I would share that with you all. Something to think about/look into. IMO. :smoke:

On a lighter note (no pun intended!) I once heard a comedian comment that he had heard how much more dangerous second hand smoke was compared to actually smoking.

He said "..if that's not a reason to start smoking, I don't know what is. I would rather smoke because that second hand stuff" will kill you!!"

With all comedy set aside anyone out there, no matter your age, if you do not smoke DON'T START!!! I can not state this enough. True, I am a smoker, but, if I had it to do over again... you get the picture.

It's terribly expensive and EXTREMELY dangerous to your health. Smoking DOES NOT make you look cool or tough. It may just show the opposite. :huh: :( :bawl: