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Topic: What might this belong to?
Message: Posted by: royaltmagic (Feb 6, 2007 08:32PM)
Hello reader(s) of this post. Someone I know has recently run across a card that probably belongs to a certain packet trick. If anyone could please tell me what this might belong to, that would be greatly appreciated. Here is how he described the card to me:

"I found a card in a bunch of cards I got at a garage sale.
It is playing card size a bit thicker.
It has a red circle in one index and a blue circle in the other index.
In the center is a large circle half red and half blue separated diagonally to match the indexes.
I can imagine it is so several cards can be spread one way for blue or the other way for red."

If anyone knows what this might be for, please do tell me. Thanks so much.