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Topic: Switching Boxes On Stage
Message: Posted by: Vincenzo (Jan 11, 2003 01:50PM)
Hi everyone. I'm going to be in a talent show soon, and a trick I'm doing involves vanishing a rabbit in a strange way. For the purpose of the trick, I need to switch one box for another. The switch I originally thought I would use involved taping the box up. I would drop the tape and when bending down to pick it up I would switch the boxes. I'm not sure anymore though, I think it might be transparent (which here means obvious, stupid and non practical) for the audience.
Anyone have any alternate suggestions?
Message: Posted by: victorkent (Jan 11, 2003 10:13PM)
Build a quick tip over trucnk (box) rabbit size instead of person size.
Message: Posted by: Vincenzo (Jan 12, 2003 06:04AM)
good idea. I think I'll do that.
Message: Posted by: Dabek (Jan 13, 2003 09:22AM)
it's called the inexaustable box (i think) when in small version