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Topic: How to get sponsorship from another company?
Message: Posted by: Liyao (Jan 11, 2003 07:48PM)
Hi guys,

I am not sure whether I should post this here. Just want to ask how I can gain
sponsorship from companies.

I intend to start a magic show in town but due to financial matters I can't. I am looking for some sponsorship...

Any shared experience is appreciated.

Message: Posted by: ChrisPilsworth (Feb 14, 2003 03:59PM)
Hi Liyao:

With sponsorship it is important to remember that it is not what you want, but what the sponsor wants.

Think about the people that will come to your show and then consider what other companies may wish to reach your market. They may be willing to spend their advertising dollars in order to reach your audience.

You could also consider offering sponsorship as an added incentive for groups which buy a block of tickets to your show. One group that booked an entire evening for my show is using this as a way of thanking their existing customers. We gave the group advertising space on the back of the tickets and also in the program.

Consider approaching corporations that you have done work for before as a potential target market for group sales. They may be able to reward their sales staff, customers. Your show could also be a novel substitute to the company family picnic or company golf day.

These obviously aren't the only ways to encourage sponsorship, but hopefully they will help you to generate some possible strategies. Good luck and keep us posted on tactics that work well for you.

Chris Pilsworth