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Topic: Elevator
Message: Posted by: wdwguy (Feb 17, 2007 11:16AM)
Can anyone tell me if they have seen the "Elevator" Illusion for sale from any of the major illusion makers? I have seen Both Steve Wyrick and of course David Copperfield use them...? Just wondered if they are out on the market? or if they ever will be?


Message: Posted by: Oliver - Twist (Feb 17, 2007 11:20AM)
Hi Steve,

I saw this illusion a few years ago on magicauction.com ofr about 33000 $. If I'm not wrong it was an authorized version with written permission from Jim Steinmeyer and David Copperfield.
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Feb 17, 2007 12:05PM)
There is also the Henning version of the elevator which I believe Bill Smith sells.

(Check the major builders, one has a photo on their site.)

I have seen 3 versions (methods of the elevator) by major builders and they all look good.

I believe when the one on Magic Auction came up it was the only autorised additional one to be built, after Copperfields.

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Feb 17, 2007 12:19PM)
Seems like years ago I saw this listed somewhere, and there were two alternate versions that could be performed - one "rigged" and one sitting on a base on the stage. What sort of stage rigging is required for this?
Message: Posted by: David Boyd (Feb 17, 2007 12:32PM)
I saw one posted on magic auction for sell.. Although I don't know who the authorized dealer is.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Starr (Feb 17, 2007 01:07PM)
Quite a few people present this illusion: James Dimarre, Garry Carson, Lawrence Khong, et al. Copperfield claims exclusive rights to the flying part of the illusion.
Message: Posted by: Caveat Lector (Feb 17, 2007 01:08PM)
The one on magicauction I believe actually was Steve Wyricks, but I am not sure. I have seen his close up and it looked identical. I had spoke to hime once after a show and he mentioned that it was the only other verion that was like DC's. I know that Owen Redwine, Bill Smith, Wilie Kennedy all build them. If you email any of them I am sure they would be more than happy to answer your questions.
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Feb 17, 2007 01:51PM)

When it referred to "rigged" it meant it could be flown (hoisted in the air).

The one on Magic Auction had a base to stand on, on the stage.

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: bry1513 (Feb 17, 2007 01:57PM)
I believe Oz Illusions builds one too. They have one posted on their website.........


Take care,

Message: Posted by: wdwguy (Feb 17, 2007 02:44PM)
Ahhh..The OZ one looks fatnastic! Thank you everyone for your feedback on this!
Message: Posted by: Johnnie Blaze (Feb 18, 2007 05:21PM)
Greg Frewin has an Owen Redwine elevator, he has used it to open his show for the past year I believe he may possibly be interested in selling it ,
give him a shout http://www.gregfrewintheatre.com send him an email ,
good luck hope this helps
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Feb 18, 2007 05:31PM)
I've seen the elevator in Gregs show. It has a big advantage over some methods as you can be "fully body loaded" when you are produced.


Message: Posted by: Metone (Feb 18, 2007 08:10PM)
I have seen Greg use this also. A thing of beauty when done right. I beleive Copperfield claims the exclusive righs to it.
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Feb 18, 2007 11:23PM)
On 2007-02-18 21:10, Metone wrote:
I have seen Greg use this also. A thing of beauty when done right. I beleive Copperfield claims the exclusive righs to it.

No.. I can tell you that Copperfield does not claim rights to this elevator. If memory serves he is one of the few who claim rights to fly the other version of the elevator.


Message: Posted by: markparker (Feb 19, 2007 03:03AM)
Elevator Illusion dates back to Charles Waller there is a very nice elevator illusion is his book 'For magicians only' I am 200 miles away from my books at the moment so cannot be 100% but I think its dated 1932. The method is very practical and it all has a relevant plot, worth checking out. A bell boy & Lady with her luggage are produced in the Waller version.
Message: Posted by: John T. Sheets (Feb 19, 2007 08:48PM)
I think Bill Smith builds one.
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Feb 20, 2007 01:03PM)

See my earlier post.

Message: Posted by: Metone (Feb 21, 2007 01:48AM)
Tim, you are correct. I did some research thanks.
Message: Posted by: Ms. Morgan (Feb 21, 2007 08:42PM)
The Elevator that Greg Frewin has is an Owen Redwine. It was built in 1994. John and had it built to his design for our Halloween show.
The "Hellavator", as we called it, was made to hold 2 people, John and myself. We did it as a vanish at the end of the show. We got in, shut the door and the shadow went down..."Hellavator".

This one wasn't made to be flown. It uses a different method than the other elevators out there. I'm not sure but I believe it's the only elevator using this method. The method is not new, using it in something that big is.

And it is big, frankly it's a beast, even broken down. It was shipped right from Owen's shop to the theatre, it got there a day before we did. When we showed up and told the crew the truck was still on the way they said "well, we thought your show was already here, it came yesterday."

I think it's had 4 or 5 owners now, Zigmont had it for a little while. And it's had a facelift or 2 in it's travels.

Nice illusions never die, they just find new homes.

Message: Posted by: Christopher Starr (Feb 21, 2007 08:52PM)
Hellavator.... :giggles:
Message: Posted by: Paul Arthur (Feb 21, 2007 10:35PM)
Kirby VanBirch also owned the duplicate to the Copperfield elevator. If memory serves, it also moved down cables.
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Feb 21, 2007 10:41PM)
On 2007-02-21 23:35, Paul Arthur wrote:
Kirby VanBirch also owned the duplicate to the Copperfield elevator. If memory serves, it also moved down cables.

I remember one being sold on Magic Auction and the ad mentioned it was one of the few that included the rights to fly it in. It might have been Steven Klines but I'm not sure. Maybe Kirby bought that one.


Message: Posted by: Lello999 (Feb 27, 2007 09:18AM)
Hi there

Well, I printed the magicauction site.

Tes description was this

"This illusio was built with the David Copperfield´s permission. The performance rights from Jim Steinmeyer and DC go with this prop. The illusion was build by John Gaughan and is in great condition...."

"... The proprietary alterations that belong to David Copperfield are the hanging of the prop in air, and the the blinds on the sides and front that open and close fully shoowing the inside of the prop...."

I think it was discussed that this was the one owned by Kirby VanBirch as a trade for an illusion DC used that he hwd the rights for. But I might be wrong.

The Oz elevator looks really nice

Hope that helps
Message: Posted by: videokideo (Feb 28, 2007 01:43AM)
Yep the one I saw was on magicauction and an exact duplicate of Copperfields. Was over 30,000 dollars. Nicest appearance ever... especially this version needing no assitants, all self working.
Message: Posted by: brianmayo (Feb 28, 2007 04:16AM)
Yep, Frewin's elevator has had quite a few owners in the last couple years. I got it on a trade from a guy (I believe he was from Puerto Rico) who had bought it from Zigmont. I in turn traded it to Bairefoot who traded it a couple weeks later to Frewin. For those interested here is a link to an old picture of it.


To say its a 'beast' is an understatement. I forget exactly, but I think in the 3 crates it weighed right at 1000 pounds total. When assembled, I couldn't get it out my garage door, and that is without the floor indicator piece on. (was around 9-1/2 foot tall with the top piece)

It may have been enormous, but it was definitely a nice illusion!
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Feb 28, 2007 05:23AM)
Nice shots. Does it get better mileage than a Toyota?
Message: Posted by: videokideo (Mar 6, 2007 10:22PM)
There is a Beautiful Elevator on magicauction.com right now! Best I've seen!

Message: Posted by: Christian Illusionist (May 9, 2007 11:23PM)

Did it sell already? I don't see it.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Starr (May 10, 2007 12:23AM)
Yes, it was only listed for a couple of days. It looked like it belonged to Garry Carson.
Message: Posted by: Christian Illusionist (May 14, 2007 06:04PM)

It seems Rick Wilcox owns a version, as well.