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Topic: Shattering Illusions
Message: Posted by: MyTurnPlzAA (Jan 12, 2003 11:26AM)
Dear All,

This book has been mentioned to me to get as I need more creativity In my magic.

Does anyone have it, please could you help me out


Jaems :birthday:
Message: Posted by: MarkFarrar (Jan 12, 2003 11:58AM)
Yes, I bought it at The Magic Circle Dealer's Day last year.

It's a very thought-provoking book, but it doesn't contain any tricks.

Most of the content has been published in Genii already, but each essay has additional "afterthoughts" included.

If, like me, you haven't read Genii, then it's a great read, but if you have read the Genii articles, then I suspect it's still worth adding to your shelves.

The articles are varied, and they clearly demonstrate that Jamy Ian Swiss is dedicated and passionate about his art. However, they are very readable and very well-written.

Provided you have an open mind and are willing to ask yourself some searching questions (and answer them honestly, of course), then I would recommend this book heartily. It belongs next to books like "Strong Magic", and there aren't many of this type around.
Message: Posted by: Vilago (Jan 12, 2003 01:02PM)
You can get a feel for some of these essays by going to http://www.jamyianswiss.com. Some of them are posted there.
Message: Posted by: KC (Jan 13, 2003 12:12AM)
It is a very strong book. It is a very thought provoking book that I'm requiring my beginning student to read certain essays from the book. Some of the stuff will be over his head, so I'm just having him read the essays which are the most relevant to him.

And from what he told me, my student has finished reading the whole book on his own, and enjoyed it.
Message: Posted by: Gary (Jan 13, 2003 02:20AM)
Hit the Search button and you will find the reviews and comments on this publication.