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Topic: Bad Spirits Require Purging
Message: Posted by: airship (Mar 9, 2007 01:53PM)
Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be of a political nature. It just happens to involve a politician.

Verbatim news item via http://www.boingboing.net

During President Bush's visit to Guatemala this week, he was escorted to Iximche, an ancient Kakchiquel Mayan holy site which is the center of continued ritual practice today. Mayan peasant activist Juan Tiney, who is the head of Guatemala's Coordinating Council of Indigenous People and Campesinos, says Mayan priests have decided they're going to have to purge the site of Bush's bad vibes

"That a person like (Bush), with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States, with the wars he has provoked, is going to walk in our sacred lands, is an offense for the Mayan people and their culture."

Tiney said the "spirit guides of the Mayan community" decided it would be necessary to cleanse the sacred site of "bad spirits" after Bush's visit so that their ancestors could rest in peace. He also said the rites - which entail chanting and burning incense, herbs and candles - would prepare the site for the third summit of Latin American Indians March 26-30.


Sounds like you should be able to get a bizarre routine out of THAT! :)
Message: Posted by: Bill Ligon (Mar 9, 2007 06:37PM)
Thanks for that, Airship! I find that one of the most interesting posts I have read. Being married to a Mayan lady, I can appreciate the whole senario.

Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Mar 10, 2007 06:14AM)
Whose hand rests in the jaguar's mouth?

Free Lucia Von Franz!

--Isso Liwok
Message: Posted by: Michael Midnight (Mar 10, 2007 08:55AM)
Hey, I've had to do the same type of thing after some house guests left in the past. Not evil people, just carrying around a lot of negative vibes that interfere with my work. Nice article.
Message: Posted by: mota (Mar 11, 2007 03:30AM)
So, back to the crux of airship's post...what do you do with this?

Perhaps an ancient king was evil and you had to purge their energies...can this be taken somewhere with a kick?

I think you could not do this with Bush and this incident directly...unless you are playing the Democratic National Convention.

So, has this happened before? Has an "evil leader" had their energies purged?

How would you know it was cleared?

Perhaps you could base this on Pacal, the human sun-god of Palenque or one of the other rulers of that time. I'm sure someone thought ill of them...Pacal used to have the fingernails of captured soldiers pulled out....so maybe...a Higley hand without fingernails...after the story and ceremony the fingernails return.

It's late...thoughts?
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Mar 11, 2007 03:32AM)
You have to burn and salt his bones. (I saw that on Supernatural this past week.)
Message: Posted by: Michael Midnight (Mar 11, 2007 10:57AM)
This cleansing the energies is common to all shamans and conjure workers. The article makes this very topical as a way to go into this. I have two routines I've used numerous times for this type of thing. Both ideas are based on Luke Jermay's work with clearing a phobia in "Seven Deceptions".

In the first, I've used this concept with the Cloud Busting routine of Kenton Knepper's in "Weerd Enough". In this, a spectatator is asked to think of something they would like to get rid of....not anything physical, but something in their personal make-up; such as being sloppy, maybe constantly being late for appointments, etc. Then, I ask the spectator to define this with a single word while I begin pulling out a business card and start drawing symbols on it. Next, the sitter is asked to think of a simple symbol or maybe initials to represent this. On the card I have two mystic symbols or veves with a triangle drawn between the two. The symbol or initials are written in the triangle by client. After small chant or ritual, I ask spectator to take card home and spend a few minutes each day looking at their "problem" and wishing,imagining,or whatever it disappearing. They usually call in two or three days surprised the symbol is gone and the symbols are still there. And of course this visible change on the conscious level will help them make that a reality subconsciously, which is where their issue lies anyway.

In the second, I use this concept with an idea from one of Eugene Burgers tapes. I can't remember the name now, but will search for it if anyone is interested. Anyway, I came across cigarette papers that have a skull in top hat with the words Black Death written on them. It looks like Baron Ghede to me, so I mention this to the spectator and tell a bit about the Baron and voodoo. Here I remove a cigarette paper and have the offending behavior (in this case I have called it a spirit) initialed on cigarette paper. Small ritual, light match, light paper 'flash' must be a good sign, carefully open paper and spirit has disappeared (banished) by the prayers sent to the Baron.

These are both simple to perform and effective. But more importantly to me, they can be done in everyday walk around and do not require lots of incense, chanting, etc. that would need to be done in a proper performing setting. Yet the spectator has visible results they can take with them. Also, I just wanted to humbly submit a little bit of what I've done in the hope it will help someone else as those on this list have helped me.
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Sep 22, 2007 08:11AM)
We humbly add the sounds of the hummingbird bullroarers and the pendulum's honoring the six directions.--coupcoupdaddy
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Sep 22, 2007 08:39AM)
Popul Vuh is a must-read. The hero-twins, Xbalanque and Hunaphu, swallow swords and stilt-walk, as well as having a lot of other skills. As babies, one of the couldn't sleep, unless placed on a bed of thorns. Powerful imagery, those Maya projected...
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Sep 22, 2007 01:16PM)
Americans, get your spell books ready. We may need to do some mighty purging when this event is over: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070922/ap_on_re_mi_ea/iran_us
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Sep 22, 2007 02:43PM)
Hindsight teaches us the wisdom of inviting the wicked fairy to an appropriate event..--coupcoupdaddy
Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Sep 22, 2007 03:04PM)
Touch the spindle. Touch it I say!
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Sep 22, 2007 03:14PM)
Eat more bran?
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Sep 22, 2007 05:25PM)
Gee, I wonder if they allow Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Osama bin Laden, or a host of other [i]really [/i]evil leaders.
This is just a smack in Americas collective face as I see it.
The wars he started? Just one - against Al Quaeda and the Taliban, in Afghanistan. What, we should have turned the other cheek?
The other war was started by his Dad, and was never truly ended, he just went to finish it.