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Topic: mephisto's journey
Message: Posted by: carldourish (Jan 17, 2003 05:25PM)
has anyone used this act by docc hillford, if so what sort of impact did it have?
Message: Posted by: Ted Lesley (Jan 19, 2003 05:20AM)
Dear Carl:

If you have the right conditions, Docc Hilford`s "Mephisto´s Journey" is an absolute SENSATION! Prof. Dr. Toni Forster and I seem to be the only mentalists, who do this outstanding miracle for the paying public. For a private party for example it is the best trick you can do. The people who have seen it, are still talking after many weeks about this outstanding "experiment"! For heaven´s sake: DO IT!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!



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Message: Posted by: B&B Magic (Jan 21, 2005 06:33PM)
I recently picked up a copy. There are a few technical problems with the manuscript (at one point you're left palming something, yet the text continues on without mentioning a time or place to ditch the item), but the overall effect is very powerful. I'm currently working on personalizing this effect to fit my performing style. I have a feeling it's going to be very well received.

Mr. Lesley, do you have any advice beyond the manuscript for performing this masterpiece? One thing that I wish had been addressed is the uncomfortable noise (rustling of papers, etc) during the silence as you prepare to produce things and put things away. How do you manage this?
B&B Magic