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Topic: Threeple Treat Version 7
Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 23, 2007 12:48AM)

To all lovers of Coin Magic... Here is Threeple Treat Version 7. This is the culmination of all the versions from the beginning. I think this is the shortest, and sweetest way to go. Not too complicated for laymen and appealing and novel enough for the magicians. This is as far as it goes.....FOR NOW! I have been performing this day in day out for the past 2 weeks and I must say... this has got to be the best among the 6 versions, to do out there. Hope you guys enjoy it. Featured here is a subtlety I call the PEACE Subtlety. Its fun to do and its quite deceptive. Over a approximately 200 performances... I have never been caught with it. It is of courswe based on Ramseys thinking. I found the peace sign, or an indication of 2, seem to be a sort of motivated handwash.

Ok ok ok... I admit version 8 is coming as well as 9.... I'll enjoy this for the meantime. Later guys!!!

Rannie Raymundo
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Mar 23, 2007 01:27AM)
Now that is real magic,, rannie you have to demonstrate this for me live it is the best work so far
Message: Posted by: mc_magi (Mar 23, 2007 01:54AM)
Good going ;) I really loved it.

Just wanted to make a small point, just a point as usual and nothing big, that the peace subtlety came out first in Harbottle's Coin on Edge (and probably before that as well - like everything else lol) it's an excellent manuscript, might want to check it out.

As always, awesome work ;)
Message: Posted by: solidimageartsllc (Mar 23, 2007 02:11AM)
Rannie - Do you ever sleep?! ;-) Looks amazing and your delivery is clean and tight. I'm sure you killed 'em.

Speechless... -Dan
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Mar 23, 2007 02:42AM)
On 2007-03-23 02:54, mc_magi wrote:
Good going ;) I really loved it.

Just wanted to make a small point, just a point as usual and nothing big, that the peace subtlety came out first in Harbottle's Coin on Edge (and probably before that as well - like everything else lol) it's an excellent manuscript, might want to check it out.

As always, awesome work ;)
Actually, a buddy of mine named serge kaloogian published it in a manuscript and video waaay back before harbottle, unfortunately it was limited and he only sold it at his lectures around the toronto and surrounding areas... I believe he gave the credit to Geoffrey Latta....Ill have to get my vcr out and check again..
Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 23, 2007 03:00AM)
Well, I love Kainoa's work on video, but unfortunately I don't have any of his materials in print. We don't have paypal in manila. Well.... I'm in good company then. I give that to Kainoa then even if it is original to me. that's the way the coin rolls...LOL! No worries mate. Its just a move. A great move at that. NOt surprised a guy like Kainoa would think of that. Cheers guys! Glad you liked version 7!!!
Message: Posted by: Justin N. Miller (Mar 23, 2007 08:43AM)
Actually, this was done WAY before Kainoa ever used it. I have footage of Homer Liwag performing it over 15 yrs ago!
You are in GREAT company rannie..Best version yet!!
Justin N. Miller
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Mar 23, 2007 10:08AM)
Excellent! :) Ran my man, that was the best one yet...Very clever, good movement and flow, and I like the "Peace Subtlety." ;) Clever! Great handling and shows what sleepless thought and diligence can lead to. :) Great work, my friend. :)

Oh and Ramsay's thinking is a wonderful thing...I use a move in my Crimp Change from Homer Liwag too, that I call the "Liwag Subtlety"...very deceptive move, much like your "Peace Subtley." I've heard others refer to it being more of a Ramsay Extention or something, but I call it the Liwag Subtlety, because that's where I first saw it, used in a most deceptive vanish. So Justin and iamslow are right about these things, and the way things get put out there and who does it and who gets credit. But ran, you're right too..."it's just a move," a way to make something else happen...in this case, your very fine "Threeple Treat." ;)

Message: Posted by: Mano (Mar 23, 2007 10:37AM)
Rannie mi Hermano, this is another excellent version I like it a lot, but still my favorite one is the very first one;I'm glad you are having fun with it and I wish you are having a great time in LA.

Be well Brother.

Message: Posted by: Cinnamon (Mar 23, 2007 10:37AM)
This is now my fav version! THanks for sharing this sir! 5 youtube stars for this! As for your coin work, you're getting more and more hooked? I wonder when you would put to use the Santo Nino subtlety.
Message: Posted by: Pete McEwen (Mar 23, 2007 10:59AM)
Hey, I'd hate to do it, but I just don't like this version. It just seems illogical to me to throw all the coins in to one hand then take out a couple of them. If you could really make it vanish, is that how you would do it? I like a lot of your work rannie, but this didn't hit it for me. there were some subtleties but I'm just not sure I liked them. Sorry Rannie

Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 23, 2007 11:19AM)
Relax Pete~ You don't have to like it! LOL!
As long as my audience like it,,,Laymen... IM happy.
As long as my coin heroes appreciate it... IM happy.
Thanks for evening up the field man!

Message: Posted by: aiki (Mar 23, 2007 12:01PM)
So many to choose from. I liked this version a lot.

I think that one of the best parts in all of these is how you make the third coin appear. I would think that just knocks the spectators off their feet. Great work.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Mar 23, 2007 01:46PM)
Y'know, this is a decent section I guess, but really it's a coin trick and should be in our coin section, so that more folks could follow and appreciate it. Sometimes when you post in the "Now You See It" section, they move the string. Others time they don't...I don't understand it. But what I do know is that whenever they banish you to a new "supposedly better" neighborhood, the string for the most part falls apart, as people don't like visiting elsewhere. Like in prison, they might come visit you once or twice, but other than your mom, you're pretty much out there on your own. :D Anyway, you get my drift on this. I think this work belongs in our section. I think people could've learned a lot from watching rannie go through the creative process to develop a really good effect. I'm sure they have some rationale for why they do this, but it never seems to make all that much sense to me. I know rannie might've came here on his own this time, but usually how we get out here and even beyond, is that at some time we got banished to begin with. Oh well, just my 2cents. -MB
Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 23, 2007 04:36PM)
I get your drift my Brother! I came here so that all may enjoy, get aggravated, get the ideas, enjoy and expound the effect, hopefully share and return something. Its just an effect I want to share. That prison thing.... I know that!
Funny but I feel more free sharing my effects out of the ussual sectins. They have it moved anyway! No hassle! Hope you liked it Marion. Its also funny that some of my heroes seem to be nowhere to be found. Oh well.... This is for every one who loves coin magic. This is what gets me going. I'll be doing it till you guys like it. Thanks for inspiring me fellas!

Gotta work on them coins now.... Later!


oh.. thanks for watching
Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 24, 2007 04:00AM)
I just want to make mention some coin men who have shared their thoughts during the creative process of TT. Curtis Kam, gave me the idea of using the vanish of the last coin to begin the reproduction sequence. Giacomo Bertini inspired me to use his wonderful Edge Grip production. I urge every coinmen here to study Giacomo's revolutionary coin techniques. It is out in the market today. The grand daddy of this effect was inspired by 2 major components. 1) The Tripple Threat/3CM and 2) Justine Miller's Silver Dream.

I just have to give credit where it is due. I am now enjoying this routine and so are my audiences, both laymen and my fellow magicians, thanks to these men and coins.

Best to all!

Message: Posted by: solidimageartsllc (Mar 24, 2007 10:22AM)
Rannie, if you hadn't alerted me of this incredible thread, I would have missed all of this since I never come to this part of the forum. As Marion stated, it really belongs in our coin forum where a lot of the top dog regulars hang out - but I guess the powers above have rules beyond my comprehension. So glad I haven't missed this! -Dan
Message: Posted by: Alex Linian (Mar 24, 2007 11:31AM)
I wanted not to just comment on this, but to actually make some suggestions (For version 8 :) ). As stated, the sleights are well executed, yet they do seem a bit unnatural, specifically the move where the coins are placed into the hand just so that they are taken back out. This, however, can be justified with the right presentation…
What I’m thinking of, to be exact, is the math game plot. You place all three coins into the hand, and then remove coins as you state “If two coins are taken out how many are there left?”

Before removing any coins you can also explain that “this is a game that requires you to THINK a little” as you point to your head, using the Ramsay Subtlety as you did in the video. The “Peace” Subtlety can be used for the second part, as you say “If I place TWO in the hand… and take one out…”

If using this kind of justification, you’ll probably want to stick to the plot for the entire routine. For the third part, you could place the last coin into the left hand, pretend to take it out as you actually push the one in your right hand into view, as you state “Now, If one coins goes into the hand, and one coin is taken out, how many does that leave?” They will, of course, say “none”, and you can reveal that the second coin has reappeared in the hand.
Or something along those lines.

I like the last production. If you use the math game plot, you can place the two coins in your left hand, then take them out as before, asking the same “how many are there left?” question, and as they look at your left hand (as it opens), you can push the third coin into view at the right fingertips, making for a very visual misdirective appearance.

Just though I’d share a few thoughts, and I hope they inspire some more creativity, as I’ll be sure to check out the upcoming videos. Let me know once they’re up.
Keep up the good work bro,
Message: Posted by: ronstoppable (Mar 25, 2007 12:18AM)
7 version...

each one is different from the others...

they're all great!!

hat's off to you...
Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 25, 2007 12:47AM)
Thanks Junior! How's my Tavern?
Message: Posted by: schwarzeine (Mar 25, 2007 07:05PM)
Wow. Version 7 is now my personal favorite! next is version 4. But every version has its beauty! I love Threeple treat (any version hehe)
Message: Posted by: Giacomo (Mar 25, 2007 08:14PM)
Ciao Rannie!

Bravo! Your Threeple Treat is a good routine and you are a true coinman!

You are one of the first magicians to use my techniques. And you are the first I saw use my Edge-Grip Production! And I am happy for this$B!D(B


PS: I like also the versions 4 and 5 because have a different climax, and you can choose what is more useful for you
Message: Posted by: ronstoppable (Mar 25, 2007 09:38PM)
On 2007-03-25 01:47, rannie wrote:
Thanks Junior! How's my Tavern?

the tavern people's doing great...
everyone's busy...

The Kid's addicted to UCA...
Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 25, 2007 11:31PM)
Thank you Giacomo! It is an honor indeed to have you say your thoughts on my works. I can't wait for the day when we can sit in one table and talk nagic. Your edge grip has given my hands the greatest work out. The many times I had muscle cramps learning and working on it is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing that to the community. I am now inspired to work harder.

Junior, I am pleased to know that The Tavern is well. Take care of business while I'm away.

Rannie Raymundo
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
Message: Posted by: antwe (Mar 26, 2007 04:29AM)
Rannie Raymundo...the coin man who never sleeps...I have seen the evolution of this effect from version 1 and I must say..all of em are goodies! I have seen a lot of effects from this man and I'm telling you...no one surprises me like this on a regular basis other than the Manila Enforcer.

I have tried to copy/practice the moves to recreate the effect...and I successfully failed miserably! HA! I guess I'm not just cut out to do this...but I will still try... hahaha great work!
Message: Posted by: Cinnamon (Mar 27, 2007 07:04AM)
The card guy who's ever-so-prolific... is now a coin addict who's always.. uhm.. fertile. Oh my god, don't get the idea wrong but I'm wondering... ever since the coins across you made, and the 441, you've turned into a coin monster! I worship thee, boss!I wish coins love me too, the way they love you!

Message: Posted by: h_A_Z (Mar 28, 2007 01:32AM)
Nice! If this uses Triple Threat (which I just sold off) I'm gonna kick myself!
Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 28, 2007 02:04AM)
Just Three coins man!

Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Mar 28, 2007 06:04AM)
Yep, "Just 3 coins"...;) I don't know how much Triple Threat is, but I know it ain't cheap...If you use half dollars for rannie's effect, it cost's about $1.50 :D The rest is up to you and the boss provides 7 versions for your doing pleasures...:) You can't beat that with a baseball bat! ;) -MB
Message: Posted by: rannie (Mar 28, 2007 12:23PM)
Perhaps you can Brother! You can get those 3 coins to go straight into KCA! I designed Theeple Treat exactly for that reason. I was totally blown away by Justine Miller's Silver Dream and it served as an inspiration. Then I acquired a 3CM. I loved the plot and the look of both. I also wanted it to be done with any coins. Well almost any coin. They have to be at least the soze of a half Dollar.

I'm keeping my lid shut, and wait for Mb217....Marion My Man! He has something brewing and I am fortunate to be one of the first to learn his new effect. I never wanted to join the mutual admiration club.... ok ok ok...I tried but they denied my membership!LOL!!! I got to tell you guys though...that there is something brewing in the La Famiglia. And when Mano gets his motor running... coin magic will never be the same!

Thank you all for your kind words. The constructive criticisms as well. It keeps me going. Version 8 is coming uo soon!

Best to all!

Rannie Raymundo
aka The Boss
aka THe Manila Enforcer
Message: Posted by: Verricobl (Mar 30, 2007 06:23AM)
On 2007-03-28 02:32, h_A_Z wrote:
Nice! If this uses Triple Threat (which I just sold off) I'm gonna kick myself!

The amazing thing is that it's just three coins.. no gaffs.. ;D
Message: Posted by: Cardinal Bunal (Mar 31, 2007 04:19PM)
[quote]Just Three coins man!


Cool... ;) So I take it this can be done with Colgate Confidence because no gaffs and no guilt. LOL

Great work, Boss.


It's also amazing to see an accomplished Filipino Magician so candidly post his work in Youtube for EVERYONE'S enjoyment... Most "hotshots" in magic in Youtube who are in there are clips of them illegally posted and definitely without their consent. Unless they posted the clips themselves too. LOL
Message: Posted by: Lord Anacho (Mar 11, 2008 02:56AM)
Good thinking by Alex

I myself was a bit confused by this version, and I watched all the previous ones. I feel it went a trifle too fast in the beginning to appreciate what was going on. As Nelms said: Always play for the deaf old lady in the back row. (Apart from the deaf, the old and the gender, that would be me...)

Ciao for now

Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Mar 11, 2008 10:59AM)
Great job, Rannie. I just watched it and enjoyed the routine!

Thanks for sharing.