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Topic: OddBall
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Mar 23, 2007 01:40AM)
Title: OddBall by Marc Oberon
Medium: Trick
Arena: Magi-mentalism, walk around
Available: Any shop, distributed by Murphys Magic Supplies

Very basic idea here. You pull out a black bag that has four white balls and one black ball in it. The specs pull out a ball w/out your seeing what it is and you then tell them who has the black ball. This is actually kind of neat. It fits in your pocket, would be great to do as a walk around piece for a group of four or give people as it isnít cards and everyone is involved, that and it fits in your pocket without the balls rolling around as they are kept in the bag. I found that while the method used works I am able to determine if and when the black ball is selected by another method which I preferred. Either way this one is a worthy contender for the valuable real estate in your pockets. A good presentation can take this from pretty cool to really interesting. Nice product.
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 23, 2007 01:45AM)
A similar thread has been on for some time now.
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 23, 2007 01:47AM)
Look here
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Mar 23, 2007 02:36AM)
Thank you once again for your guidance. You know, you should clearly identify yourself as staff or 'forum police' so people such as myself can know your position. If you don't like the review, move it to where you like.
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 23, 2007 03:28AM)
I don't recall replying in any negative way to your honest, positive and thorough review. I'm not staff nor am I part of the 'forum police'. I was just merely pointing out that this topic has already been started and you might want to post your review there versus reinventing the wheel. You might be surprised what you'll find beyond the first page of topics............
Message: Posted by: Best of British (Mar 23, 2007 08:24AM)
Calm down dears, it's only a bulletin board!
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Mar 23, 2007 11:51AM)
I don't look at the ones beyond the first page, sorry. If I see a thread active and it isn't dilluted then I'll tag it along. If I don't see it or if there is a lot of talk about other subjects such as "this dealer didn't answer by the third ring" then I will put it alone.
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 23, 2007 08:32PM)
MagicSanta......"tuffernavysupplypuke".....brings a smile to my face shipmate!