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Topic: Illusion Builders
Message: Posted by: Beaudini Magic (Jan 18, 2003 05:01PM)
Hi Guys,

I am looking for the web addresses for John Gaughn, and Owen Redwine, if they exist. Thank you
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Feb 12, 2003 06:29PM)
John does not have a site that I know of, Redwine might.

There was a site


that I think he was connected to. Hope the above link is good!!

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: Beaudini Magic (Feb 12, 2003 08:07PM)
Hey Blair,

Thank you. I have been to illusions for sale.com in the past, and it's out dated. I inquired about an illusion, and it wasnt available anymore. Thank you very much.

Message: Posted by: reedrc (Feb 12, 2003 08:19PM)
Hello, john HAD a web address and project:
but abandon it after a month or two.
So John does NOT have a site....
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Feb 13, 2003 07:03PM)
I believe Rand Woodbury had an illusion builders listing in the back of one of his books. But you can look up John in the phone book (internet), he answered the phone himself last time I called.

Blair Marshall