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Topic: Zombie Finale
Message: Posted by: magibrad (Jan 18, 2003 06:22PM)
I've been working on a finale for my zombie ball as of late. I figure that if I pack the zombie full of spring flowers...and then open it at the end of the routine it was look really nice, as a matter of fact, I thought someone mentioned it not to long ago. Anyway...

How do I do it? Do i simply just take the bal off the gimmick and open it up? I wanted to make the ball disappear then reapear and then produce the spring flowers. But the question is how i open it up...any suggestions?

Message: Posted by: mcatalani (Jan 20, 2003 09:41AM)
Some of the zombie balls on the market are actually made of two half shells which are rather easy to take apart. (Uday's zombie is made like this.) So it could have been that someone was referring to filling the shells with spring flowers and simply pulling the halves apart apart for the spring flower production.