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Topic: My First Videos
Message: Posted by: mark1991 (Apr 5, 2007 02:17PM)
Hi there,

These are my first attempts at filming some of my magic! I would love you to take a look at some of them, and I would really appreciate some constructive critiscism so I know how to improve my magic!

The link is:


There are 9 in total, ranging from classics like the chinese linking rings and vanishing silk, to D'Lites and a fake sword swallow! (The sword swallow was really just an April Fools joke for my friends - they actually thought I was really swallowing the sword!)

Many thanks

Magical Mark Watson
Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Apr 5, 2007 03:01PM)
The few things I think you need to work on are:

1. Eye contact with the audience (camera). You don't do too bad, but you need to up the eye contact with the audicne because this engages the audience. In the pom pom trick, you look way too much at the prop and we lose interest in the story (which I really didn't hear but I like to watch magic often without sound).

2. Your barrier. Your table is acting as a barrier between you and your audience. Learn to walk beside or in front of your table to really engage your audience. It's like when an actor talks directly to the theatre audience breaking the fourth wall. It brings them into the story.

3. Your card technique is pretty good (from a technical standpoint). Better than I am. However some of your flourishes seem pointless. There was a lot of shuffling moves that to a layperson looks like just shuffling and nothing too fancy. Of course that is only my opinion.

4. You are rushing through the coin work. I feel it doesn't register that you put the coin in the other hand, especially with the coin through tabletop. It just looked confusing visually. You need to sell the coin being in the empty hand a lot better.

5. Use a different colour spongeball besides red, unless you wear another coloured coat. Red on red doesn't show up too well. It's the same with a lot of magicians trying to show tricks with a lot of black on them against a black backdrop...it gets lost.

6. I've always had a problem with D'lite routines in the dark. Most of them are quite boring and being poorly lit seems to take the mystery out (the darkness is hiding the secret?). A good routine would be one without just lights appearing. There seems to be no purpose. An obvious routine at Christmas is with Rudolph's nose. It makes sense. Jason Latimer used a d'lite briefly in his laser act, but the d'lite was a small part and made sense as he was manipulating laser light. Lights from nowhere make no sense, and why do you eat them?

7. Don't dismiss the sword swallowing trick. I actually use this all the time and play it for real. It is really powerful with the proper presentation.

I must commend you on your set though. Really nice. The production was pretty good except the difference in sound from the intro and straining to hear your voice. I can tell that you do put a lot of practice in. Good for you.
Message: Posted by: FreefallFool (Apr 5, 2007 03:14PM)
Hi Mark,

If I'm being ultra critital, your intro music is a bit too loud. I have to turn my speakers up to hear you talking through your routines, then the next clip blasts out as the intro plays again.

Just scanned through a couple: cards, pom poms (not my favourite effect and didn't enjoy the repetition, no offence) and linking rings.

They're good. I particularly like your card vanishes/productions - something I aspire to myself...

Overall, good job.

Message: Posted by: onezero1 (Apr 5, 2007 05:49PM)
Woah mark, pretty nice card work there my man...only 15,pretty slick on the old B.P vanish and production. natch :)
Message: Posted by: Germangician (Apr 5, 2007 08:39PM)
Message: Posted by: mark1991 (Apr 6, 2007 03:40AM)
Hi there,

Thanks for all the comments guys! I'm quite surprised that out of all of them, it was the card manipulations you liked the most. Maybe I should work a little more on that!

Keep the comments coming!

Many thanks

Magical Mark Watson
Message: Posted by: MagicB1S (Apr 7, 2007 11:25AM)
One more quick coment if I may.... The silk Vanish........ Work on the positioning of your hands Keep them in a more Natural position. I Understand your trying to hide the T.T. but I find if you don't draw attention to it people don't look for it. With you keeping your hands in that unnatural position it says look here..... A good book to reference to is Seriously Silly By David Kaye This book is designed more toward the children entertainer but it has a great section on Silk Vanish and gives some great pointers.

Keep up the good work... your headed in the right direction
Message: Posted by: Terry Owens (Apr 30, 2007 05:36AM)
Your pom pom video made me laugh, but I couldn't watch it more than one or two repeats thought, it was starting to work on me more than a Mt. Dew...great work with the cards...

I read a great quote on the Café and can't remember where I saw it, but the difference between an amature and a professional...the amature practices until he gets it right, the professional practices until he can't get it wrong...so keep it up and you'll do just fine...