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Topic: tonights presentations...
Message: Posted by: Chad Sanborn (Feb 3, 2002 11:24PM)
Tonight in my restaurant work, I did some stuff that I haven't done in a long time. I was suprised it all came back so easy. I did 3 fly. I guess I played it up more, but it got the best reaction tonight. More so than at any other time. I might start doing it more and more. I also did a signed coin vanish that reappeared in my Shoe!! I even did a little cold reading. That is powerful stuff. I will have to work on more.

Message: Posted by: masterofthecoin (Feb 4, 2002 12:00AM)
Hey Chadmagic.....would you have any coin routines that you'd like to share?
Message: Posted by: Davro (Feb 4, 2002 03:39AM)
Hi Chad,
It's great when something that is almost an accident turns into something really special. I don't often do 3fly in restaurants, maybe I'll give it a try. Any tips for it?? :)
Message: Posted by: Chad Sanborn (Feb 6, 2002 08:15AM)
tips on 3fly... do it well and do it often!

ok, heres some finesse on it. Really play up and focus on the back and forth motion of
"from here to here"

I extend the arm on "from here" and retract and extend the other arm on "to here"

In my patter, I say "these coins will travel from this hand [extend hand with 3 coins] to here [retract first arm and extend other arm] Making sure I look at those hands intensly.

Also, I do the vanishing moves when I focus on the other hand. and produce the coin, when the vanish is shown. They are always looking at the wrong hand when the coins move.

I say "don't look at this hand [extend 'empty' hand and vanish 1 coin] or you'll miss it when the 1st coin vanishes" [I extend the other arm and retract the empty hand producing it's coin]

For the 2nd coin I do just the opposite
"don't watch this hand or you'll miss the coin appear over here" [I do the same thing as above only reversed]

The rest of the routine is the same way. always getting them to look at the hand opposite the action.

To clean up the end I shuttle pass 2 of the 3 coins into the other hand, to show 3 in that hand, and I Goshman pinch that hidden coin then dump the 3 visible coins back into that hand. then put all away.

Message: Posted by: Fredrick (Feb 15, 2002 02:24PM)
Thanks for the tips Chad! :yippee: