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Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (Apr 16, 2007 08:46AM)
Hi fellow,

I need infos, about who choose the TVP?
Is it by IBM head office or by Ring members? (election?)
Any one know the regulation?
Thank you very much in advance.

Message: Posted by: drwilson (Apr 16, 2007 07:50PM)
In the absence of input from the territory being represented, the TVP is nominated by a group of I.B.M. higher-ups at the convention. If you like, you can nominate someone. If you nominate someone for 2008 prior to the June 2007 convention, they might not renominate your current TVP. If there is more than one nominee, the I.B.M. conducts an election by mail for your territory. The rules for the nomination of the TVP are here:


In brief, you will need the signatures of twenty I.B.M. members from your territory on an official form, and the petition will have to be notarized. The deadline is February 1, 2008, for the 2008 election.


Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (Apr 18, 2007 10:11AM)

Thank you for your explanation, I will meet with my members and talk about this election. Your info very helpfull. :o)

Message: Posted by: Steve Hart (Apr 24, 2007 09:45AM)
Hey CC,

I got this reply from Joan Caesar, head of the TVPs.

"TVPs are nominated by the Chair of the TVP committee at the convention in the even years, to begin their 2-year term in the next odd year.
For the upcoming group nominations were submitted in June 2006 to begin in June 2007. If someone files a petition, it has to reach headquarters before the end of Feb. following the convention.

On the other hand, if there is no TVP in an area, or someone quits, another IBM member can be appointed for a 1-year term. At present Andre Ludya Liap is the TVP in Indonesia, and will remain in that position for another 2 year."

Steve Hart
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Apr 25, 2007 08:08PM)
I always wondered how I got the job for my state!

Steve Thomas
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Apr 26, 2007 05:38AM)

Thank you for that information. In another thread, we lamented that we were unable to find this information on the I.B.M.'s website. It would be great if the term for the TVPs were posted. It was not mentioned in the summary of the nominations that was published in The Linking Ring in October 2006.


Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (Apr 30, 2007 06:59AM)

Message: Posted by: rmoraleta (May 14, 2007 05:04AM)
I learned these things from Darleen Eads.

But in my country, it is always hard to get 20 signatures (but as far as I could remember, it is 25)of Active members for petition, since there are only a few of us who are Active in a given year and we are somehow far away from each other (not all IBM members attend meetings regularly).

So I threw the petition a long time ago.
Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (May 15, 2007 04:23AM)

Thank you. Your idea is good, I will try to do that. I think we need more active TVP.