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Topic: Milo and Rogers
Message: Posted by: piccard (Feb 4, 2002 03:37AM)
I know this forum may not be the place to post this ...But... I was an ole' friend of the late Roger Coker and his partner Milo...
the last time I saw them was in Zurich, Switzerland. as they were finishing a tour with Andre Heller's Wintergarden show...
Then Roger Passed away... I will be in Phuket Thailand in late March this year and if anyone out there knows of Milo's address or has a phone number on him ...Please let me know... :where:
Message: Posted by: leondo (Feb 5, 2002 07:51PM)
I must tell you that the book by Arthur Branden titled "Milo and Roger" is an absolutely wonderful biography, magical or not!
I wasn't prepared for the emotional ride that this book was. I consider it MUST READ of the highest order. It should be in every magicians library.

I had a very limited knowledge of these two gentleman. I never saw them perform. I barely knew who they were. I now realize that I missed two of the greatest practitioners of our art.

Milo and Rogers struggle to make a living at magic and their persistance to overcome the struggle is a shining example for us all. The love they had for magic was real. Nothing stood in the way of achieving the dream that they had.

Most of us are "wanna-be's". We have to let the obligations of real life matters drag us away from our dreams. Milo and Roger did what had to be done. I'd venture to say that most of us would cave under the pressure that they endured. They did it with grace, humor, pride and dignity.

Like I said, a must read.

Ted (Leondo)
Message: Posted by: piccard (Feb 6, 2002 01:51AM)
Thank You,... I want to get the book ...I'm on tour and carrying books around is an impossibilty for me... I just found out from a friend that Milo passed away just before the book was published... This was real sad news to me... I knew them both very well and was so honored when they came to see me perform in Portugal many years ago... I'll never forget their humor either... I remember we were sitting around having diner, and it was a lavish spread of food... We were all commenting on the amount of food before us and Milo said "It sort of makes you wonder what those poor people are eating in India at the Hilton?" ...They have both gone... They were a great comic team... and I will always remember them... P.S. Arthur Brandon was MILO