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Topic: Which pouch to buy???
Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (Apr 18, 2007 09:24AM)
I'm trying to decide whether I should buy Franks' Poacher's Pouch or Busking Pouch. I stroll & do restaurants much more than I busk...but I want to busk more.

I want a pouch that I can use in both settings.

Since I wear a balloon apron while I'm in my restaurant, I really can't wear a jacket...so I use a pouch like the poacher's pouch, only not designed for magic and way uglier - think ballistic nylon, blech.

I need the pouch space for my chop cup routine, ropes, big coins, etc...

So, has anyone ever strolled using his Busker's Pouch? Busked using his Poacher's Pouch? Vice versa??? Any thoughts?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Apr 18, 2007 10:54AM)
I don't remember who but someone bought the busker's pouch for strolling. It seemes too big but if it's on your side then it wraps nicely and is ok. Still seems too big to me.

I've busked using the poacher's pouch. Yes. For 2 years I used that setup. I was very happy with it. I had 4 small oranges and a coconut in the pouch for cups and balls loads.

Sounds like perhaps you need a poacher's pouch.

When busking I use both. I wear the busker's pouch and leave the poacher's pouch hanging from the table as a servante. That is a wonderful setup.The new poacher's pouches will also have a soft front pocket like the busker pouch.

You could try one and as long as you return it in mint condition switch for the other one.

p.s. All my pouches are guaranteed for life.
Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (Apr 18, 2007 11:27AM)
Thanks for the fast reply!
Message: Posted by: Justin Craddock (Apr 19, 2007 12:45AM)
Hmmm I am not being rude here as I have a tendency to do that in other forums. I am just curious as to what you wear. Do you really carry that many effects that you can not keep it in a jacket pocket or pants pocket?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Apr 19, 2007 01:33AM)
For me it depends on the show type, the audience, what I am wearing, and how long I will be there.
Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (Apr 19, 2007 10:56AM)
Hi Justin,

I am a 50/50 Balloon Artist/Magician. I use a balloon apron which prevents me from wearing a sports coat. When I ditch the balloons for an exclusive strolling magic job I have no problems managing my props in coat pockets, pant pockets, etc...

However, the thought of a nice, attractive, accessible pouch for nabbing final loads and ditching big pennies is very enticing.

It's not the number of effects that I carry which spurs my need to have more pockets, it's the ease of access to them.

I've carried black, ballistic nylon shotgun shell pouches, camera bags, converted "man bags", converted shoulder bags (I'm handy with the sewing maching and pop rivets)...but all of these things lacked the professionalism and magic-specific tailoring that I wanted.

When I first started working restaurants I didn't mind looking like a goof-ball. I fancied myself as the happy-go-lucky entertainer who was there to make the kids laugh and parents happy. I seldom approached adult-only tables. However, as my restaurants got nicer, my routines more refined, and my abilities more diverse, I began to clean up my appearance and feel more at ease entertaining adults as well.

So, now I try to look a bit more presentable (well, as presentable as you can get wearing 200 balloons around your waist), and Franks' pouches are the perfect answers to my needs.

Hope this didn't come off as preachy. Just trying to answer your question...which I didn't find rude at all.

Message: Posted by: padre rich (Apr 21, 2007 03:34PM)
Looks like you've tried everything - I own some of Franks product and highly recommend his craftmanship
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 21, 2007 04:05PM)
When I stroll, I work out of my pockets. I don't get final loads from the pockets, but I have a way of managing them that doesn't require going to the pockets. I use a mini don alan cup for strolling.

This said, if you feel the need to have more room than you can comfortably have in your pockets, Frank's new busker's pouch would probably be exactly what you need. It is a good size, it has plenty of room in it, and if you wear black trousers, it will be fairly unobtrusive.
Message: Posted by: Joe Howard (Apr 23, 2007 05:37AM)
I like to use Frank's Cellini pouch when I stroll and need to carry bulkier stuff than will fit in my pockets.

Joe H
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 24, 2007 12:49AM)
Basically, you have to select your pouch on the basis of what is going to work best for you. A private consultation with Frank via e-mail will do you a lot of good. Frank gets a lot of his ideas from e-mails.
Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (Apr 24, 2007 09:19AM)
Thanks for the input all!

Bill, thank you for the suggestion. I actually began this thread with a PM to Frank. He's been a valuable resource for guiding me through my purchases.

I can't wait to step up with my gear. I just bought an RNT2 copper chop cup (now I can finally retire my Ickle Pickle aluminum one!).

The next step is Frank's poacher's pouch (my conclussion based on this thread). This purchase will allow me to retire my converted Old Navy shoulder bag which currently serves as my pouch. And my converted MUDD man-bag, which attaches to my belt and serves as my stolling pouch.

Next it will be a set of cups. If you all read the "build your own table" thread in the busking section then you know that $150 hats are possible with orange cups from the dime store. Well, seeing that I use chrome Jeep hub covers for my cups (free from a neighbor), I can tell you that working with such props is nothing to brag about. I'm tickled with the thought of finally using nice, hefty, purpose-specific tools...probably Andy Comic cups. They sound like the best value out there.

Bill, the cups & balls museum has been a treasure trove of information for me. Thanks for creating that!

Message: Posted by: dimosa (Apr 26, 2007 12:07PM)
I use the pro carrier from Joshua Jay and I have to say that I always carry this around me. I really don't have any problem and every item go's to each place where it belongs.